Refugees in Hamburg: How Ukrainian children deal with their fears

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Austria: Money from Putin to Former Politicians – Politics

There are scenes that are memorable. This includes the modesty of then-Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The message in this picture: kneeling in front of the strong man in Moscow – Kneissl tenses. It is emblematic of Austria’s official and unofficial policy towards Russia. When it comes to sanctions, Austria has … Read more

Wall Street leaves Mark Zuckerberg

since money was still easy and big tech, sometimes just low tech, attracted investors, a photo app like Snap was a real stock market hit. It was like before the dot-com bubble burst around the turn of the millennium: you did not calculate in anticipation of a super cycle of digital disruption. Yesterday, after the … Read more

Pakistan: Imran Khan’s Enchantment – Politics

On the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Imran Khan sat next to Vladimir Putin as a state guest – not exactly ideal images for a head of government who relies on international aid to avert an impending national bankruptcy. If Khan wanted another time for his visit to Moscow, he gave no indication. … Read more

Selenskyj will rescue all soldiers in Azovstal

Nafter the evacuation of about 260 Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov steel plant in Mariupol, the situation of the city’s remaining defenders in the huge industrial complex is still unclear. President Volodymyr Zelenskyj said Wednesday night that influential international mediators were involved in efforts to rescue them. Fighting continues in eastern Ukraine, while Russian airstrikes … Read more

Asia: India needs to revise its close ties with Russia

India abstained on the resolution condemning Russia in the UN Security Council and also in the General Assembly. With this ambivalent stance, the Indian government is carrying out a complicated foreign policy balancing act. Many found India’s failure and the general remarks about a necessary ceasefire, the call for dialogue and the reference to legitimate … Read more

India gets cheap oil from Russia – Politics

It is not the case that the Indian government is publicly celebrating this agreement now. Delhi has negotiated with Moscow on the supply of heavily reduced oil, as Indian Oil Minister Hardeep Sing Puri confirmed in parliament this week. Now the deal is apparently sealed, as Indian media report citing anonymous sources in the state … Read more

Schwesig changes Russia course in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

WWhen everyone talks about a turning point, even in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it is not without consequences. Manuela Schwesig announced on Monday that as this turning point changes fundamentally, so does her country’s relationship with Russia. The Social Democrat writes that “there was a focus on dialogue and exchange with Russia in business, science, culture and … Read more

Putin and Lukashenko are firmly on one side again – politics

Alexander Lukashenko was reliable. The ruler of Belarus was in Moscow on Friday, bringing a kind of loyalty to his host Vladimir Putin. Lukashenko said the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers were a common response to the West. About 30,000 Russian soldiers are currently on Belarusian territory, and the big question is whether they will withdraw after the … Read more

Israel criticizes Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Tel Aviv Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Israel has refrained from criticizing Russia and its President Vladimir Putin out of self-interest. Because Russia controls the airspace over Syria and allows the Israeli air force to take unhindered action against Iranian activities in the northern neighbor. To prevent its arch-enemy from being present … Read more