Anthony Albanese: New Australian Prime Minister promises ‘renewable energy superpower’

abroad Anthony Albanese Australia’s new prime minister promises ‘renewable energy superpower’ Status: 22/05/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Anthony Albanese becomes Australia’s new Prime Minister Credit: AP / Rick Rycroft Former opposition leader Anthony Albanese promised a change of course in climate policy after his Labor party won the general election. So far, the country … Read more

Defense, relations and danger from China

The United States will stand by Taiwan in the event of an attack by China. What is the relationship between Taiwan and the United States? And what would the defense look like in the event of a growing threat from China? China considers Taiwan part of the People’s Republic. This has long caused tensions between … Read more

No, the stock market is not too pessimistic | markets shares

share Security representing a share in the capital of a public company. It secures the owner of membership rights (voting rights and voting rights at the general meeting) and property rights (right to share in the profits, share in capital increases or in the liquidation result). All articles for this technical term ties Loans on … Read more

Carlo Masala: “It would destabilize the whole European system”

Peltu Zepete: Benlpekteup kel peu Nvelleu Vetlhllea uuO Nenu aepluekeu. PelO Blpleu pllelleu place ple Flplullhel uuek. Ppel pnlek plepe Bveeppe pep Nvelleu Vetlhlleap lpl pel Zeulet pep Pekvelaeup epel Gllea aeteal vulpeu. Vll hold nup enek ule eu elueO Gllea peleltlal ueek i020. Vll kelleu evel elue aluQe Pnupepvekl, ple leaetOoQla llelulell kel tel … Read more

Belarus: US threatens Ukrainian neighbor – Politics

The warnings to the east can hardly be counted, but this time Washington did not mean Moscow. It’s Minsk. The US State Department on Tuesday threatened a “strong reaction” if Belarus were to help its ally Russia invade Ukraine. For years, Belarussian ruler Alexander Lukashenko had strained the Kremlin’s nerves because he criticized Russia even … Read more

Börse Express – Will Amazon and Tesla return with their upcoming stock splits?

Important points Amazon and Tesla shares have fallen sharply in recent months. Proposed share splits have the potential to act as solid growth drivers for the two troubled stocks. The underlying businesses of Amazon and Tesla are the main drivers of both stocks in the long run. oh That’s probably the best – and most … Read more

“Loving Highsmith” in the cinema: How does love life affect art? – Culture

Young Patricia Highsmith had a very active love life. It was not easy for a lesbian woman in post-war New York. Gay nightlife was limited to a few relevant bars, all in the same corner of town. And those who visited these pubs in secret were better placed to get off the subway sooner or … Read more

Asia: India needs to revise its close ties with Russia

India abstained on the resolution condemning Russia in the UN Security Council and also in the General Assembly. With this ambivalent stance, the Indian government is carrying out a complicated foreign policy balancing act. Many found India’s failure and the general remarks about a necessary ceasefire, the call for dialogue and the reference to legitimate … Read more

Home Office report: Thousands of native children also died at U.S. boarding schools

Ministry of the Interior report Thousands of native children also died in American boarding schools 05/12/2022 at 10:04 So far, it looks like a Canadian problem: abduction and neglect of children from indigenous families. But probably also thousands of children died at similar boarding schools in the United States. This is the conclusion of a … Read more

Anthropocene – Nathaniel Rich emphasizes the responsibility to intervene in nature

Bestselling author Rich: Nature in a real sense no longer exists (book cover Rowohlt Berlin / background alliance / dpa / Jens Büttner) “You have PFOA in your blood. It’s in your parents ‘blood, in your children’s blood, in your loved ones’ blood. How did it get there? Through the air, through food, through the … Read more