Eye cancer: “A heart for children” supports cancer patient Omar (4) | life and knowledge

Awake, Omar (4) frolics around the playground with his teddy bear. “It’s so nice to see him so happy,” says his cousin Nerges Barosh (26). Because: Omar suffers from a malignant, incurable eye tumor that caused him incredible pain for a long time. Doctors in Iraq could not help In late 2020, Mama Haveen (32) … Read more

Designer bacteria: How micro-robots should deliver substances in the body

When tech billionaires like Elon Musk dream of Mars missions, design spacecraft, and scientists even mix building materials from Mars sand for settlements, one unknown factor is usually missing in visionaries’ calculations: People get sick. With a distance of 53 million kilometers to the nearest doctor or pharmacy, it is not fun to get sick. … Read more