Autumn holiday games: Autumn holiday fun for children – Ilmenau

Registration via e-mail to or by phone on (0 36 77) 6 89 79 39. The open children and youth club in Ilmenau (Lawi) on Langewieser Straße is open from 10:00 to 18:00 during the autumn holidays, and there is also a holiday program that changes every day. 1.30pm on Mondays in the first … Read more

Cyberbullying and contact with criminals: How parents protect their children from …

05.10.2022 – 13:21 Panda Security Duisburg The new school year has begun – a welcome occasion for many parents to give their children their first smartphone. The handy device brings the Internet into your pocket with all its benefits, but also risks. How can parents protect their children from cyberbullying and contact with criminals? First … Read more

Counseling center for children and young people registers several cases

22 September 2022 at 04.50 Offers in Kaarst for children, young people and parents : The counseling center registers several cases Simone Dirmeier (centre), head of the counseling center for children, young people and parents, has a lot to do with her team. Since 2016, educators have also been able to contact the advice centre. … Read more

The Balkan route: children at risk | Europe | DW

“I saw with my own eyes how the Croatian police mistreated my friends… some were wounded in the legs, others were hit in the head, in the eyes.” (Ehsan, boy, 17) “A smuggler (…) took out a knife (…) the girl screamed and tried to save herself, but he sexually abused her and we saw … Read more

With creativity against future concerns: OBI child and youth study proves added value …

14/09/2022 – 15:45 OBI Group Holding Wermelskirchen DIY projects are a way for Generation Z and Alpha young people (Gen Z born 1995 and up; Gen Alpha born 2010 and up) to feel empowered and break out of the corona blues and uncertainty they feel about the future , to free himself. This is the … Read more

Kids Team Cup in Ahrensburg: The children are the winners

table tennis Kids Team Cup in Ahrensburg: The children are the winners Updated: 09/03/2022 07:20 | Reading time: 2 minutes Playing for the table tennis tournament with: the top talent Hannes Schubert (11), winner of the state ranking 2021 and coach Frank Baah. Photo: Erhard Mindermann Tournament of SSC Hagen at Stormarner Kindertage. Young players … Read more

Fundraising auction for the benefit of the economy, children can e.g. V. with support from Oliver Kahn and his foundation

Berlin (ots) – Employees and business partners of CG Elementum AG donated the impressive total of 150,000 euros to the benefit of “Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V.” (WKK) at this year’s summer party on 1 September 2022 in Berlin’s Wannseeterrassen. They were actively supported by Oliver Kahn with goal wall shooting, fan items signed live … Read more

Children and Corona: Criticism of the Infection Protection Act

KIndian and youth medical associations, politicians and lawyers are sharply critical of the new infection protection law. They fear negative consequences for children and young people as well as continued unequal treatment due to the possibility that the federal states can order masks and corona tests. The conditions for the federal states to be allowed … Read more

Why children only very rarely get Long-Covid after Corona

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