Security: The Secret Bunker for Crypto Wealth

Jochen Werne, Chief Development Officer and Chief Visionary Officer Prosegur Germany Source: O2 Telefónica / Collage: ASBS WIf you look at the money, it quickly becomes clear that times have changed. In all, about 1.5 billion euros were stolen in the ten biggest bank robberies. According to analytics firm Crystal, cryptocurrencies amounted to about 3.9 … Read more

NFT Tech announces launch of Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform

NFT Tech announces launch of Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 17, 2022 – NFT Technologies Inc. (NEO: NFT | Frankfurt: 8LO) (NFT Tech), a leading technology company dedicated to bringing decentralized ownership, NFT and the meta-verse to the general public, today announced the alpha launch of its proprietary Play 2 Earn … Read more

Börse Express – Zalando share: It can go so low (e-commerce is not dead!)

that ZalandoStocks (WKN: ZAL111) have already fallen sharply. With a share price of 25.71 euros, more than three quarters of the market value is now gone. Despite e-commerce, despite the mega-trend. Yes, even in spite of growth. The market is currently not particularly positive about the future prospects. Especially because the consumer climate is currently … Read more

The United States allows corona vaccination for children

Covid vaccination in the United States Experts have unanimously voted in favor of the vaccines. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt Following an advisory committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the CDC has also advocated using coronavirus vaccines for children between six months and five years of age. Both the vaccine from manufacturers Biontech and … Read more

The United States allows corona vaccination for children

Frankfurt The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday approved the two Covid vaccines from Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna for use in infants six months and older. A panel of experts from the authority had previously voted unanimously in favor of the approval. The two companies have also submitted applications for approval for … Read more

Technical stocks: Hubspot, Snowflake, Plug Power – which stocks offer new opportunities

ple kuek aepeleleu VOpelenup 6evluuelvellnuaeu peplollaeu. Pel uleteu Illetu tutale pel Ppplnle, pel Peupeeklel eu peu Zev-BeuuuOv-Plepk pel Iekle 0999 plp 0992 elluuell. also read Zeueke pel aekvoleu Phlleu – pu eelaeu Blteklnuaeu pel Uelaeuaeukell – velpeu place ulettelekl elkuteu, eupele kluaeaeu lu pel Pepenlnuaptuplahell uelpekvlupeu. Bp alpl Glllelleu, eukeup pelel Puteael eppekoleeu houueu, lu … Read more

This is how the cheapest soundbar from Sonos performs

Sonos already offered two soundbars, and a few weeks ago a third was added with Sonos Ray. I was able to try what this can do. Sonos is gradually trying to cover cheaper price ranges for its categories. With Roam, we have a cheap alternative to Sonos Move in mobile products. You can go for … Read more

Börse Express – Amazon: Buy now or wait until after the share split?

In 3 sentences: Amazon investors are out for a big crash and the stock will split 20-to-1 in June. Should investors buy the stock now or wait? Amazon looks expensive based on the company’s total revenue, but cheap when considered as the sum of its parts. For investors in (NASDAQ: 906866) has had a … Read more

Amazon offers: children’s and baby products – from highchairs to baby monitors & Co.

consumer Amazon campaign Baby and children’s products at cheap prices Status: 16:14 | Reading time: 6 minutes Source: Again and again, online retailers like the shipping giant entice Amazon with great deals. We give you information in the jungle of products and show you which offers you should keep an eye on so you … Read more

To protect our planet: The final design of new environmental satellites begins

It is one of the most important missions in the fight against climate change: the CO2M mission of the European Earth observation program Copernicus will, for the first time, measure and monitor man-made CO2 emissions worldwide. OHB System AG, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, was commissioned two years ago by … Read more