Child and youth coach: “Children never cause problems on purpose” – Starnberg

As a young mother, Daniela Häusele would have liked her present self to be by her side. Because of course she was sometimes at a loss in difficult situations with her four children. As a child and youth coach, systemic pedagogue, mediator and school social worker at a primary school, the 55-year-old now knows several … Read more

Starnberg: Small children, big worries – Starnberg

The obvious shortage of skilled childcare workers poses massive problems for the communities of the Starnberg district. At a crisis meeting, the mayor’s spokesman and Pöckinger town hall chief, Rainer Schnitzler, and his colleague in Feldafinger, Bernhard Sontheim, tried to find a solution together with district administrator Stefan Frey. The conclusion is: as long as … Read more