Freising: Reading lessons for children in the city library – Freising

Good reading aloud does not have to be flawless, and even slips of the tongue do not bother children: it is much more important to read in an exciting and engaging way, to switch between different voices, to vary the pitch and volume of the voice and to respond to the pictures in picture books … Read more

Child and youth coach: “Children never cause problems on purpose” – Starnberg

As a young mother, Daniela Häusele would have liked her present self to be by her side. Because of course she was sometimes at a loss in difficult situations with her four children. As a child and youth coach, systemic pedagogue, mediator and school social worker at a primary school, the 55-year-old now knows several … Read more

Parties – Much approval for verdict on AfD observation – politics

Berlin (dpa) – The administrative court in Cologne’s decision to classify the AfD as a so-called suspect case has been welcomed by the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the police union and politicians from other parties. AfD top representatives held back on Wednesday with reactions. Party leader Tino Chrupalla said when asked by the … Read more

Stars as designer – style

A hotel room in Vienna. One lamp is on the desk, another is next to the bed. The bed subtly traces the outline of a four-poster bed, with the celestial body hovering above it, as a surprise, another light. And on the small sideboard opposite there is another dumbbell-high lamp, gold-coloured and otherwise very gold. … Read more

Internet – Big eco update for cryptosystem Ethereum – economy

Berlin (dpa) – “Super Crash”, “Crypto Winter”, “Billions in Value Destroyed”: The current headlines about the cryptocurrency industry this year are spreading a bad mood among investors. But not only the falling prices of Bitcoin and Ether, the currency of the Ethereum blockchain, are causing headaches. In light of the impending climate disaster and the … Read more

When children face death: allow the pain – Fürstenfeldbruck

Your life has only just begun. And their parents only want the best for their children: to look after and protect them and keep anything negative away from them as much as possible. But suddenly – or after a long illness – grandfather, a friend or “just” the hamster dies. Suddenly, the parents are challenged … Read more

Oktoberfest Munich: Cheap with children over Wiesn – Munich

Every Tuesday is family day at the Wiesn: rides reduce their prices until This is especially good for parents whose offspring have long outgrown the “Oh, how cute, what’s his name?” age and want to ride every slide on the fairgrounds three times. What would come close to a nice short break in price if … Read more

Southeast Asia: India and China disagree on shipping policy

Southeast Asia : What a single ship reveals about India-China relations 16 August 2022 at 18.54 Reading time: 5 min Open detailed view “Yuan Wang 5” arrives at the port of Hambantota. India is concerned that espionage is taking place from the ship. (Photo: Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP) The Chinese “Yuan Wang 5” was only allowed … Read more

Back-to-school inflation: Now it’s about the children – Economy

Parenting is pretty tough right now. First of all, there were two years with the corona pandemic, when children and young people could not go to school for weeks and were stuck at home. Now inflation is nagging at the household account – and the right to education, one of the most important rights of … Read more

Crypto: Buy bitcoins from Saturn and Rewe – Economy

It is already contradictory: it was only in mid-June that the world experienced the last major cryptocrash of the time; Bitcoin, Ether and other digital currencies lost massively in value. The American crypto exchange Coinbase is now deep in the red, and Berlin’s digital bank Nuri is bankrupt. Earlier this year, the financial regulator Bafin … Read more