BGW trend report for child and youth welfare: More demands, fewer specialists

23/09/2022 – 11:09 Professional association for healthcare and welfare Hamburg (ots) What is the working environment like for employees in child and youth welfare services, and how can their situation be improved? The trend report “Future development between lockdown and knock-down. Child and youth welfare in Germany” provides answers. The trade union for healthcare and … Read more

Health in the district of Rottweil: We want to support children who grow up in an active way – Rottweil and surroundings

The managing director of AoK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Klaus Herrmann (1st from left), project manager of Rottweil’s health department Anabel Dobaj and district administrator Wolf-Rüdiger Michel decide to implement the exercise card in daycare centers in the district of Rottweil. Photo: Kuster Children show more and more deficits in motor skills, language and social contacts. To counteract … Read more

150,000 euros for vulnerable children and young people in Berlin: donation auction …

09/02/2022 – 09:38 finances, children can e.g. V Berlin (ots) Employees and business partners of CG Elementum AG donated the impressive total of 150,000 euros to the benefit of “Wirtschaft kann Kinder e. V.” (WKK) at this year’s summer party on 1 September 2022 in Berlin’s Wannseeterrassen. They were actively supported by Oliver Kahn with … Read more

Social stress test for parents and children

10 August 2022 at 10.58 Costs for starting school in NRW : School days become a social stress test Like notebooks and paint boxes, school rucksacks are part of the basic equipment for school children. Photo: dpa/Robert Michael analysis Books, coaches, school trips – for parents of school children there are a number of costs … Read more

“2nd Felix & Friends Invitational”: 195,000 euros for kids on the go

29/07/2022 – 08:50 Felix Neureuther Foundation Beuerberg “2nd Felix & Friends Invitational”: 195,000 euros for kids on the go Felix Neureuther’s charity golf tournament took place for the second time at Beuerberg Golf Club Sensational donation amount for “Move Smart!” Program of the Felix Neureuther Foundation At the end of the evening, 195,000 euros was … Read more

WIdOmonitor: Children of single parents and low-income mothers …

28.07.2022 – 14:00 AOK’s scientific institute Berlin (ots) Home education, quarantine, limited leisure opportunities and social gatherings: How have the pandemic stresses affected children’s health? The current WIdOmonitor on “Effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on children’s mental health” examines this question. The majority of mothers surveyed believe that their children came through the pandemic … Read more

Myanmar: Income has halved, prices have risen sharply – many families can …

28/07/2022 – 01:05 Save the Children is registered in Germany Berlin (ots) On average, people in Myanmar have lost more than half of their income since the political crisis and the escalation of the conflict in February 2021, while the prices of basic commodities have increased by 30 to 70 percent. The economic crisis and … Read more

Democratic Republic of Congo: More and more children are fleeing the fighting in …

21/07/2022 – 10:20 Save the Children is registered in Germany Goma At least one hundred children have lost their parents in recent weeks in renewed fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or have been separated from them while fleeing. This is stated by the children’s rights organization Save the Children, which helps … Read more