Securities: Rebalancing: So that the portfolio remains in balance

Every security portfolio at some point loses its desired structure due to price movements. Rebalancing helps investors manage risk. Many small investors who venture onto the trading floor want to worry about their investments as little as possible. Buy-and-hold is the name of the strategy they choose more or less consciously: Buy stocks and leave … Read more

Prosegur appears as Cinderella | companies abroad

share Security representing a share in the capital of a public company. This ensures the owner membership rights (the right to vote and the right to vote at the general meeting) and ownership (right to a share in the profit, share in capital increases or in the liquidation result). All articles for this technical term … Read more

New – take children safely on two wheels

Whether it’s to day care, the playground or an excursion destination – parents like to take small children with them in bicycle trailers, cargo bikes or children’s bicycle seats. The child’s safety must always come first. CosmosDirekt, Generali’s direct insurance company in Germany, gives tips on this. Parents like to use their two-wheelers when traveling … Read more

Asia: The Award for “Charitable Neutrality”. How does Russia assess its relationship with China?

The invasion of Ukraine isolated Russia. Few states last longer to Moscow. In the UN Security Council, only China voted in favor of a Russian resolution on Ukraine, which recognized the country’s humanitarian needs but did not see the events as a war of aggression. On the other hand, a Ukrainian proposal that clearly condemned … Read more

Traffic – How to properly secure children in the car – Economy

Munich (dpa / tmn) – For parents, the health of their children comes first. This also applies to car driving. For parents of young children, the question arises which seat they need. When buying and using, errors can easily occur. According to the Stiftung Warentest, about half of all children wear the wrong seat belt … Read more

Financial fraud with Liquidity Mining – Sophos describes the current scam in the crypto hype, Sophos Technology GmbH, press release

“The mechanics of liquidity mining, in its legitimate form, provide the perfect cover for what is fundamentally old-fashioned fraud, rethought for the cryptocurrency age.” Sean Gallagher, senior threat researcher, Sophos Sophos launches today’s article, “Liquidity Mining Scams Add Another Layer to Cryptocurrency Crime,” in a series highlighting how fraudsters exploit the hype surrounding cryptocurrency trading … Read more