“Technology and Design” – A new start for school craft lessons

The Federal Chamber of Labor, the Federation of Industry and Commerce together with partners present a new practical handbook for school lessons Vienna (OTS) – “Our world is increasingly being shaped by technology. It brings us innovative products, prosperity and opens up the opportunity to solve the global challenges facing humanity. But the public discourse … Read more

HPI School of Design Thinking invites you to an open day

Potsdam (ots) – The labor market is undergoing rapid change: professional areas change, disappear completely or new ones appear. To survive this change and help shape the future in the long term, we need the right skills and abilities. Students from all over the world at the HPI School of Design Thinking, which opens its … Read more

Schulwerk separates from the teachers at Dillinger Gymnasium

Schulwerk received chat stories and had a conversation with the student with whom the teacher had a relationship. The man is released with immediate effect. An educator abuses the teacher-student relationship. The man has sex with a 17-year-old girl at a primary school. Although the Catholic school work Augsburg knew about the incidents, it hired … Read more

Schools – Hamburg – More men in elementary schools: model project started – education

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – Hamburg’s school authorities want to recruit more men as primary school teachers. “We note with great concern that most teachers in general and in primary schools in particular are women,” school senator Ties Rabe (SPD) said on Monday. Currently, 87.3 percent of the teachers in the 195 state primary schools … Read more

Working mothers do not get school places

2 October 2022 at 12.55 p.m Dramatic call from working mother : No school place for Langenfeld children The Bettine von Arnim secondary school has a space problem because the number of students is increasing. Photo: Matzerath, Ralph (rm)/Matzerath, Ralph (rm-) Langenfeld Experts present the development in the number of pupils: There are more children, … Read more

Register children at primary schools in Geldern by 30 September at the latest

20 September 2022 at 04.54 Deadline until 30 September : What is important when you register for i-Dötzchen At Marienschule in Kapellen, there is a Montessori branch parallel to the existing structures. Photo: Stadt Geldern/Seybert./Stadt Geldern/Seybert funds Parents and guardians have until the end of September to register their children at the primary schools in … Read more

The teachers give tips: How children and parents cope with the first day of school

Silvia Deml (TV) and Simone Schüller have already prepared everything for the first day of school. They have a tip for school cones: Don’t pack too much! Image: Wolfgang Steinbacher Dcq Mclc Qclxqq cql Qxcqcx Dxlqlq Aq lxl Mcjix icl lxl Ycqxjiclcqc ixccqqq lcx llxcqäcccx Dclixlxcqcqc qül lcx Zxcx lxl Ycl-Dcxxq-Yjiclx. Yclicc Qxxl icq cil … Read more

15 years HPI School of Design Thinking

Potsdam (ots) – From September 15 to 16, the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) will celebrate 15 years of design thinking at HPI with a large hybrid “Design Thinking ImpAct Conference” (https://hpi.de/school-of-design-thinking/ news ) -article/2022/design-thinking-impact-conference-am-15-und-16-september-2022.html). The design thinking innovation approach has long been established in science and business – companies and organizations worldwide benefit from the … Read more

Problems with swimming lessons for children in the Rhein-Sieg district

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