Crypto crash commentary: Cold storage is in now

Crypto crash commentary: Cold storage is in now With so many hotspots in cryptocurrency services, crypto gamblers are either trying to trade their virtual sheep for real money or dry them up. Jumping from one burning plank to the next is boring and risky. So Self Custody and its tougher variant OfflineWallet are gaining popularity. … Read more

Invest in the crypto market with a calculable risk

Koblenz (ots) – Florian Sondershausen is the CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH and an expert in cryptocurrencies. He has made it his task to support those who want to invest in the crypto market, with an investment that is as low risk as possible and thus ensure a lucrative additional income. In the following, you … Read more

Why investors should balance risk and return

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. You probably know this saying. It advises you to choose a small but safe benefit over a large but uncertain benefit. This can also be a valuable guideline for investors. Because they are regularly faced with such a dilemma: Am I satisfied with a return of, … Read more