Akur8 and Milliman announce global expansion of strategic partnership, joint workshop and forum at ITC Vegas 2022

Akur8, the pricing platform for next-generation insurers, and Milliman, a leading global actuarial advisory firm, announce the global expansion of their strategic partnership. The collaboration between Milliman and Akur8 will provide next-generation pricing resources and consulting services to P&C insurers, insurers and MGAs in the US, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Custom-built for insurance … Read more

Emotional addiction: How to free yourself from “kryptonite people” on your own

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Kryptonite Man: Why there are people you just can not get rid of

It is not a scientific concept, and yet many feel understood and captured by the concept of kryptonite man and what is behind it. Pop culture has again managed to explain a complex psychological phenomenon in a plausible way. And the naming of such phenomena often enables many to acknowledge that they are also affected … Read more