NFT Tech announces launch of Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform

NFT Tech announces launch of Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 17, 2022 – NFT Technologies Inc. (NEO: NFT | Frankfurt: 8LO) (NFT Tech), a leading technology company dedicated to bringing decentralized ownership, NFT and the meta-verse to the general public, today announced the alpha launch of its proprietary Play 2 Earn … Read more

Niftable and Station Gallery announce NFT partnership and OBV launches next NFT

Graph Blockchain Inc .: Graph Blockchain: Niftable and Station Gallery announce NFT partnership and OBV launches next NFT TORONTO, ONTARIO – June 10, 2022 – Graph Blockchain Inc. (“Graph” or “Company”) (CSE: GBLC) (OTC-Pink: REGRF) (FSE: RT5A) are pleased to announce the latest news from the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Niftable, Reports to. Niftable has … Read more

NFT dealer Superrare opens a gallery in New York’s Soho

MWith champagne in hand, standing in a crowded room, watching and talking about art is one of many New Yorkers’ favorite pastimes. But it seemed to some that it had almost become old-fashioned in light of the booming NFT art market on the internet. Platforms like Superrare are at least as important to young collectors … Read more

FMX 2022: From Blockbuster to Blockchain

So far, everyone who talked about the Internet meant websites. “Now you’re talking about an experience,” says Matthew Hennick, Metaverse developer at Epic Games. In addition to virtual reality, augmented or augmented reality is increasingly coming into focus. Epic Games has a suitable 3D environment with Unreal Engine. For decades, it has provided the basis … Read more

100% automated investment in crypto and NFTs: “Coinpanion” presented

Ralph Buchner Investing in cryptocurrencies takes a lot of time and money? No, says Coinpanion, the brand new app from Vienna. And for the start in Germany, PC-WELT readers will receive an exclusive coupon! Advertising Enlarge 100% automated investment in crypto and NFTs: “Coinpanion” presented Coinpanion has also been launched in Germany since May. Founded … Read more

How Japan’s hauliers want to save their tuning tradition with NFTs

Is it art or just kitsch? In a secluded parking lot 70 kilometers north of Tokyo, it’s hard to say. About 500 truck drivers from all over Japan drove to Ibaraki Prefecture this December Saturday to show off their lovingly tuned trucks. Deco Tora – decorated trucks are called the colorful trucks that emerged 50 … Read more

German non-fiction book prize in digital NFT special editions

Wwhen children get new books and immediately ask if there are pictures in them, it does not have to be the beginning of a spiritual desertification. The order of letters, words and sentences is simply more beautiful when accompanied by a juxtaposition of figures, patterns and persons. If adults are more interested in the signed … Read more

NFT: Why a Klimt cut into ten thousand pieces

Wwhen you type the five letters “Klimt” in the search mask on the Belvedere museum’s catalog, you can endlessly scrolling through the results. There are books and catalogs on the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and of course postcards of his paintings. The most beautiful Art Nouveau designs available as posters prints, with or without thanks … Read more

Big with gold and NFTs: News from the crypto scene

Wiesbaden The intertwining of the art world and the crypto scene is becoming increasingly multifaceted and unmanageable. The latest and most tangible example is a cube made of pure gold, which was parked in New York for 24 hours at the end of last week. German artist Niclas Castello, who has previously attracted attention primarily … Read more

Banxa launches a direct cash-to-NFT cash register solution for the NFT market

Banxa Holdings Inc. launches Direct Cash-to-NFT Checkout solution for the NFT market Important key data: – Banxa enters the $ 17 billion NFT market with its new payment tool to buy NFTs using fiat currency (1); market access is via the leading NFT marketplace Atomic Hub. – In April, agreements were signed with a number … Read more