Fraud charges in New York

Former US President Donald Trump is facing a fraud case. This also refers to his three children Donald Junior, Eric and Ivanka. Donald Trump is being prosecuted by the New York State Attorney’s Office. The civil lawsuit is about allegations of fraud. Charges will also be filed against his children Donald Junior, Eric and Ivanka, … Read more

Confidence in cryptocurrencies prevails in the United States

new York Bitcoin will soon be worthless: This was recently announced by the Chinese state newspaper “Economic Daily”. Should investor confidence decline in the future, or sovereign countries declare the digital currency illegal, it will return to its original value, according to the ruling. And that’s zero dollars. The statement is not surprising at first … Read more

“Inventing Anna”: Fraudster Anna Sorokin plans to start cryptony

kmpkt Meet Anna? Anna Sorokin no longer wants to be a “scammer” and has a new business idea Status: 06:19 | Reading time: 3 minutes The “scam” picture should go – Anna Sorokin wants to start a “legal” business Source: pa / dpa / Richard Drew Convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin gained world fame through the … Read more

NFT dealer Superrare opens a gallery in New York’s Soho

MWith champagne in hand, standing in a crowded room, watching and talking about art is one of many New Yorkers’ favorite pastimes. But it seemed to some that it had almost become old-fashioned in light of the booming NFT art market on the internet. Platforms like Superrare are at least as important to young collectors … Read more

Designer Kim Jones: “My Home Has Always Been More Important Than Any Journey”

SEven a nomad like Kim Jones misses a flight. After stays in New York, Los Angeles, Rome and London, the creative director of the ladies’ line from Fendi and the men’s line from Dior were actually to travel to the design fair in Miami at the end of November. Instead, he stayed at home in … Read more

New York’s lower house wants to curb environmentally harmful crypto mine operations

There are no new emission permits for mining particularly energy-intensive cryptocurrencies in the US state of New York, initially for two years. The state House of Representatives decided Tuesday with a vote of 91 to 56. A similar bill is pending in the House of Lords, but time is running out. Only cryptocurrencies that rely … Read more