“Ears open” reading festival for children starts

June 10, 2022 at 14.27 Offered by Niederrheinisches Kulturhaus and Krefeld Mediothek : The first reading festival for children after Corona Marlene Jäger from Literaturhaus (left) and Evelyn Buchholtz are looking forward to the days. Photo: samla.de Krefeld “Ears open” were missing. From Monday 13 June, classes and individual children can once again experience literature … Read more

“Loving Highsmith” in the cinema: How does love life affect art? – Culture

Young Patricia Highsmith had a very active love life. It was not easy for a lesbian woman in post-war New York. Gay nightlife was limited to a few relevant bars, all in the same corner of town. And those who visited these pubs in secret were better placed to get off the subway sooner or … Read more

Delphine de Vigan: “Children Are Kings” – Culture

A six-year-old child has been kidnapped, investigators grope in the dark, no hypothesis to solve the case lasts longer than three hours. In the meantime, the inspectors are already hoping for a ransom claim, so at least it would not be a child abuser. Kimmy is a beautiful girl, known by millions of people because … Read more

Review of Salman Rushdie’s volume of essays “The Language of Truth” – Culture

In Salman Rushdie’s new collection of essays, one dives deep into the cosmos from which this genuine polyglot British author draws his stories: It is the Asian continent, so foreign to Europe, with its traditions based on Hinduism and Buddhism and its wealth of stories. From there, Rushdie builds a bridge to Anglo-Saxon, but also … Read more

Criticism of the relationship between Germans and money

saving jars Marcel Fratzscher considers the Swabian housewife’s role model to be wrong and sexist. (Photo: imago images / Kirchner Media) Berlin Marcel Fratzscher is noticeably annoyed, directly annoyed. “The relationship between us Germans and money is marked by fear, shame and guilt,” complains the economist. And he adds: In this country, rescue is being … Read more