Problems with swimming lessons for children in the Rhein-Sieg district

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Learn Financial Literacy: Why Pocket Money Matters to Kids – Love and Family

Using pocket money, children with small sums of money learn to spend money responsibly. The amount is not decisive. What matters instead. Should I give my child pocket money? And if so, how much? These are questions that all parents probably ask themselves at some point. Maybe in those moments when the kids are whining … Read more

Children have to wait a long time for swimming lessons

July 8, 2022 at 16:06 Huge demand in Haan and Hilden : Hundreds of children on waiting list for swimming lessons At times, there are between 40 and 200 people per. course on the waiting list at Stadtwerke Hilden. This varies depending on the course topic and the time of the course. Photo: Stadtwerke Hilden … Read more

Why fewer and fewer children in Germany can swim – Panorama

Most ten-year-olds in Germany cannot swim. This is also because learning to swim is degenerating into a science, and the fun of movement falls by the wayside. What does a child really need to learn to swim? If you look around in German families, there are bracelets and countless other swimming aids such as swimming … Read more

Campus class Süderbrarup: When inclusion is no longer special | – News

Status: 30/06/2022 21:15 Children with disabilities learn either individually in mainstream schools or separately in special centers. The campus class concept combines both: all children can learn and play together. by Vera Vester He has to paint all words with big “G” yellow, those with small “G” green, those without big or small “G” blue … Read more

Learning instead of working hard: opportunities for children through fair trade / a year with the GEPA Cocoa Plus award

Wuppertal (ots) – A year with the GEPA Cocoa Plus Prize – how fair trade can protect children in the global south and offer them better educational opportunities, GEPA shows by using cocoa and coffee as an example of the UN Day of Action against exploitative child labor (June 12). Fair prices and long-term cooperation … Read more

Language development: How children learn to name their surroundings

Science linguistic development This is how children learn to name their surroundings Status: 15.30 | Reading time: 3 minutes By Wiebke Bolle Praktikant / Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology Even before children learn to speak, they can assign objects Source: Getty Images / Image Source / Sydney Bourne When does a child know … Read more

More than 250 Ukrainian children are studying at a school in Krefeld

24 May 2022 at 18.38 war refugees : “Come safely and learn German”: 256 Ukrainian children are in Krefeld’s schools To ensure that the children in a school are about the same age as possible, they are usually distributed together by grade level. Photo: dpa / Robert Michael Krefeld Children fleeing Ukraine are being housed … Read more

Ukrainian children learn German at the Montanus school

6 May 2022 at 16.44 Lessons at the Hückeswagen Montanus School : Ukrainian children learn German Montanus schoolteacher Kerstin Knoll (at the back of the board) is currently teaching eight children from Ukraine, a girl from Poland and one from Afghanistan German as a second language. Photo: Wolfgang Weitzdörfer Huckeswagen At Montanusskolen, there is a … Read more