BGW trend report for child and youth welfare: More demands, fewer specialists

23/09/2022 – 11:09 Professional association for healthcare and welfare Hamburg (ots) What is the working environment like for employees in child and youth welfare services, and how can their situation be improved? The trend report “Future development between lockdown and knock-down. Child and youth welfare in Germany” provides answers. The trade union for healthcare and … Read more

Customer survey: Insurance company of the year 2022, DISQ German Institute for Service Quality GmbH & Co. KG, press release

The customer survey “Insurer of the Year 2022”, which the German Institute for Service Quality conducted on behalf of the news channel ntv, gave the insurance industry overall good marks. Seven departments and three direct insurance companies are in the top 10 ranking (Release notice: Appealing industrial performance The insurance companies achieve a good … Read more

New – take children safely on two wheels

Whether it’s to day care, the playground or an excursion destination – parents like to take small children with them in bicycle trailers, cargo bikes or children’s bicycle seats. The child’s safety must always come first. CosmosDirekt, Generali’s direct insurance company in Germany, gives tips on this. Parents like to use their two-wheelers when traveling … Read more

Insurance Tips | Bicycle Trailers & Co .: Take children safely

21/07/2022 – 11:00 Cosmos Direct Saarbrücken (ots) Whether it is in the day care institution, on the playground or for an excursion destination – parents are happy to take small children in a bicycle trailer, cargo bike or child bicycle seat. The safety of the child must always come first. CosmosDirekt, Generalis direct insurance company … Read more

What helps against children’s stress on vacation?

July 13, 2022 – Zoe Groening Holidays should be the best time of year so we want to get rid of stress the rest of the year. But often it gets stressful on the holiday itself. Packing suitcases, traffic jams on the highway, long queues at the airport or corona worries and of course you … Read more

How well is my child insured? Who is liable for day care, kindergarten or after school?

17/05/2022 – 10:00 DVAG Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG Frankfurt (ots) The best possible protection – that is why private accident insurance is essential If you do not look at it once – there is no way around liability insurance in everyday life And if something happens? These points save additional stress When parental leave is over, … Read more

New accident insurance from CosmosDirekt: more benefits, more flexibility, easier …

05/12/2022 – 11:00 Cosmos Direct Saarbrücken (ots) New tariff with numerous service extensions and more flexibility for customers thanks to the already established module system Additional assistance services through organizing and taking over costs if help is needed in the home Excellent value for money and with a simplified online contract – direct protection possible … Read more