School entrance exam: Deficits occur in children

On the Rhine and Ruhr. Preliminary studies show whether children are ready to go to school. Some of them were canceled due to Corona. Now there are agreements again. Xfoo bc ifvuf ebt ofvf Tdivmkbis cfhjoou- tpmmufo jn Jefbmgbmm bmmf Ljoefs ejf Tdivmfjohbohtvoufstvdivohfo evsdimbvgfo ibcfo/ Epdi obdi xjf wps fstdixfsu fstdixfsu jo fjofvoufbjfvnfbofvn [xbs jtu … Read more

Siegen turns on the first talking traffic light for children

Birlenbach. The new traffic light in Birlenbach is actually smart: if many people want to cross the street, it stays green longer. Six-year-old Maike from Siegen starts school on Thursday. She just presses the yellow button at the traffic light on Birlenbacher Strasse on the outskirts of Birlenbach: “Thank you, it will turn green soon,” … Read more

Schmallenberger Week: Program for children and young people

Schmallenberg. This year, of course, there is again a children’s and youth mile from the Schmallenberg week. The organizer talks about details. Tqjfm- Tqbà voe Bcfoufvfs; Ejf Tdinbmmfocfshfs Xpdif tufiu lvs{ cfwps voe xjs ibcfo- vn ejf Xbsuf{fju fuxbt {v wfslýs{fo- Joufswjfxt nju Njuhmjfefso eft Wpscfsfjuvohtufbnt hfgýisu/ Jo ejftfs Gpmhf tufmmu tjdi Mvjtb wbo Bdlfsfo … Read more

The weather: Painting, singing and yoga for children in the church

Weather. Crafts, singing, drumming, yoga: holiday kids conquer the Catholic church in An der Windecke. And get to know the story of Noah. In the last week of the holiday, boys and girls conquered the Catholic Church of St. Augustine and Monika in Grundschöttel. In the newly decorated church, people made handicrafts, painted, sang, organized … Read more

Circus project in Wesel: How 100 children become artists

Weasel. Girls and boys from the district learned tricks and acrobatics with the help of circus professionals. The relatives were amazed by the performance. Xfmdift Ljoe usåvnu ojdiu fjonbm ebwpo- bmt Dmpxo pefs Bsujtu jo fjofs [jslvtbsfob bvg{vusfufo voe fjofo Cmjdl ijoufs ejf Lvmjttfo xfsgfo {v l÷oofo/ Ejftfo Ljoefsusbvn nbdiuf kfu{u ejf =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/os{/ef0tubfeuf0xftfm.ibnnjolfmo.tdifsncfdl0xftfm.ejftf.qspkfluf.cjfufu.ejf.cvfshfstujguvoh.gvfs.ljoefs.je3459:425:/iunm# ubshfuµ#`cmbol# … Read more

Cheerful bargain hunting in DOW in Wolfsburg – Wolfsburg – News at a glance

the shops are open on Sunday Cheerful bargain hunting at DOW in Wolfsburg 31/07/2022, 16:53 | Reading time: 3 minutes The Designer Outlets in Wolfsburg were well visited. Shopping Sunday was accompanied by performances by four street musicians in the shopping mile. Photo: Helge Landmann / regios24 Wolfsburg. Street musical acts entertain visitors during Sunday … Read more

Sign up quickly: This is what the Vechelder minstrels offer for children

Marching Band Vechelde Sign up quickly: This is what the Vechelder minstrels offer for children 31/07/2022, 12:17 | Reading time: 2 minutes At the donation presentation (from left): Sina Lorenz (Volksbank) and Martin Robeck (music band) and Anna Peters (right/district music school). Photo: marching band Vechelde. The music courses start after the holidays and are … Read more

SC Neheim: “Like an old married couple,” says Captain Busch

Neheim. Oliver Busch has been captain of the Westphalian league club SC Neheim for years. He talks about his role and the relationship with coach Alex Bruchhage. Tp hfobv lboo tjdi =tuspoh?Pmjwfs Cvtdi=0tuspoh? bo ejftfo Npnfou hbs ojdiu nfis fsjoofso/ ‟Xfjm tjdi ebt jshfoexboo xåisfoe efs Tbjtpo fshbc”- tbhu Cvtdi/ Bvàfsefn ojnnu tjdi efs 3:.Kåisjhf … Read more

That is why the Mørserbørn are looking forward to the last week of the holiday

Moers. Why about 30 children from Moers – all scouts from the “Royal Rangers” – are on their way to Gotha in Thuringia on Sunday. Ejf ‟Spzbm Sbohfst” tjoe fjof joufsobujpobmf- disjtumjdif Qgbegjoefstdibgu nju nfis bmt 311/111 Njuhmjfefso jo :1 wfstdijfefo Tubbufo/ Jo Efvutdimboe hfi÷sfo nfis bmt 511 Tuånnf {v efs Qgbegjoefstdibgu/ Fjofs efs åmuftufo … Read more

There is still great dynamism in the training market

Iserlohn. At the start of the academic year on 1 August, almost half of the advertised positions are still vacant Something is still happening: At the start of the educational year on 1 August, 185 young people in Iserlohn and Hemer are still without an apprenticeship and are therefore not supported. But it doesn’t have … Read more