Design and dynasty / Large summer exhibition of royal art and …

08.06.2022 – 11:00 Byen Fulda Fulda A royal exhibition in the baroque city palace Fulda pays homage to historical paintings, furniture, jewelery and everyday objects in dialogue with contemporary art, design and fashion from Holland. The big summer exhibition “Design & Dynasty” takes place on the 250th birthday of the first King of Holland, Wilhelm … Read more

Designer Glenn Martens: Success with Diesel and Jean Paul Gaultier – style

Glenn Martens partyed last night, and from the way his voice sounds, it would have been nice to have been there. The 38-year-old is sitting in the Diesel showroom in Milan, wearing a washed-out cap, wearing a dark denim shirt over a light denim shirt, sunglasses around his neck that the techno kids wore in … Read more

Designer Dawid Tomaszewski in an interview: This is what characterizes the fashion trend dopamine dressing – entertainment

Dawid Tomaszewski founded his own label in 2009. Photo: QVC Dopamine dressing is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022. But what does it mean? Fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski explains in an interview. Fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski (41) not only inspires stars like Iris Berben (71) or Marie Bäumer (52) with her expressive prints. … Read more

Good curves: Porsche Design turns 50 years old. – style

When it comes to art exhibitions, the current trend is “immersive”. The word comes from Latin immersion and describes both the active process of immersion and the passive state of being immersed. Works of art should no longer just be looked at, but become a part of them if possible, or at least be able … Read more

New Burberry: How Riccardo Tisci gives the trench coat a new shine

fFreshly lifted and quickly smoking a subject in the limousine, Kate Moss is said to have arrived at the Met Gala in a black Burberry tuxedo dress. In tow was daughter Lila Moss, aspiring supermodel aspirant, in a crystal-adorned nude dress, also from Burberry. At any rate, this much-anticipated red carpet was something of a … Read more

Yves Saint Laurent in Paris: Is Fashion Art? – Culture

Two squares, black lattice pattern, red and blue, yellow and green. Both works are made of fabric, one is art, the other a dress. The painting is by Piet Mondrian, the stiff, hasty dress is designed by Yves Saint Laurent. It looks like the head and legs are sticking out of the stretcher and the … Read more

Design: At Bless, the old is not thrown out, but changed

design Designduoen Bless Where the old is not thrown away, but gets a new look Published on 27/04/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Bless Apartment in Berliner Kunst-Werke – with a sloping floor and photo wall showing a previous installation in the Neutra-Haus in Los Angeles Source: Frank Sperling Thick padded hammock or chair cover … Read more

Designer Joop apologizes for misogynistic statements

Wolfgang Joop has apologized for his statements about women in the fashion industry. The German fashion designer wrote on Instagram and Facebook that he would apologize to all those who were upset or hurt by his statement. In an interview with Der Spiegel magazine, Joop said that the fashion world of the past was “so … Read more

Hype about designers: Virgil Abloh’s ingenious universe

Mn the black private plane, Virgil Abloh, 41, flew on again, after Louis Vuitton’s creative director arrived in Qatar for the opening of his Speech Figures exhibition at the Fire Station’s art space. The show has previously aired in Boston and Chicago. The museum’s retrospective may seem hasty, but haste is Abloh’s principle. A few … Read more