Deloitte Crypto Survey: Crisis-ridden crypto market divides Austrian investor circles into two camps

Vienna (OTS) – Payment freezes, price drops, insolvencies – the crypto market has grabbed headlines worldwide in recent months. But what about the popularity of this form of investment in Austria? According to a recent study by the consulting firm Deloitte, two camps have formed: on the one hand, investors who are already investing in … Read more

COBIN Claims: New “Crypto Damages” Campaign for Investors Affected by Crypto Market Turmoil

Action initially allows for thorough damage assessment/reporting office to then carry out targeted actions for the injured party – not only in the case of FTX Vienna (OTS) – After the recent turmoil in the crypto markets, the non-profit collective legal protection platform COBIN is launching an action for affected investors: “We first need to … Read more