Fraud charges in New York

Former US President Donald Trump is facing a fraud case. This also refers to his three children Donald Junior, Eric and Ivanka. Donald Trump is being prosecuted by the New York State Attorney’s Office. The civil lawsuit is about allegations of fraud. Charges will also be filed against his children Donald Junior, Eric and Ivanka, … Read more

Why investors should balance risk and return

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. You probably know this saying. It advises you to choose a small but safe benefit over a large but uncertain benefit. This can also be a valuable guideline for investors. Because they are regularly faced with such a dilemma: Am I satisfied with a return of, … Read more

Scandal between the United States and Turkey – politics

In January, shortly before US President Joe Biden took office, the leading Democratic think tank published a report on “strife in Turkish-American relations”. The Center for American Progress newspaper described so many issues that Ankara and Washington disagreed on – from human rights to armaments policy to regional conflicts – that one might well have … Read more