Parents and children help plan playgrounds

5 August 2022 at 17.28 Several renovations in Ratingen : Playgrounds: Children and parents plan with you Michael Hansmeier discusses the new layout of the playground on Kaspar-Strack-Weg in Ost with the residents. Photo: Achim Blazy (abz) The rating The playground on Kaspar-Strack-Weg in Ratingen Øst is to be restored. At a first meeting, the … Read more

“PRE-TOUR of Hope”: Charity cyclists pedal for children with cancer

Notice from 01.08.2022 For two years, the corona pandemic also slowed down the benefit cyclists in the “VOR-TOUR der Hoffnung”. But now you can look forward to the days in August when the anniversary tour, which was canceled in 2020, finally starts its 27th year. Start is August 7. From then until August 9, people … Read more

Cat – crow – dog: From 15 September there is children’s yoga at TuS Katzwinkel

Notice from 24/07/2022 From September, TuS Katzwinkel will offer children’s yoga once a week for children between the ages of four and eight. Compared to adult yoga, children’s yoga primarily focuses on the playful aspect, because it is about fun, relaxation and imagination. Registrations are now possible. TuS Katzwinkel offers a children’s yoga course from … Read more

The exhibition is dedicated to design through time

Press release from 21.07.2022 “Design through the ages” is the name of the exhibition that can be seen in the Stadtgalerie Mennonitenkirche from Thursday 28 July. In this exhibition, the well-known art historian, restorer, art collector and dealer Sebastian Jacobi has examined a period of around three centuries. ZigZag and Panton. (Photo: Arndt Sauerbrunn) Neuwied. … Read more

Delivery bottlenecks in pharmacies for painkillers for children

ennudK i efelagdn, Ln die fua erd uchSe hanc eiäfen-teSFbr idns, mssneü uktlale mrnuetit uddGle iingnmterb. enDn whsolo frieb-e dun medhndnelezrrcis täSef tim mde oWfsrtkif rnIbuefop ored amcaePlotra sdni etrzdie ra.r aWfrlmo tiKnser, rhbnIae red dtrl-eherkpAoAe am aktaMrlptz ni alfdgeLen,n te,erbfcüht sasd icsh die agLe nohc ipznseutz .wrdi Gtib se eekin miedeeshrzndnnrlc Säetf e , … Read more

Strikes at university hospitals: children’s operations canceled

June 10, 2022 at 05.00 Strikes at university hospitals : Childbirth operations have been canceled Staff at the six university hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia have been on strike for weeks. Operations have also been canceled as a result. Photo: dpa / Sven Hoppe Düsseldorf Verdi’s struggle in the university’s clinics affects thousands of patients – … Read more

High-quality designer technology for the home: The Internet offers these highlights

Announcement from 08.06.2022 Technology accompanies us in almost every area of ​​life these days. Now there are also many products designed to make household chores easier. The following article presents some of these technological highlights. Photo source: Where can you find designer technology for your own four walls?Designer technology is very trendy these days. … Read more

AltkreisBlitz: New guidelines for cryptocurrency in Germany: 5 tips

TERRITORY From a tax point of view, Bitcoin and Altcoins are not a relevant currency when it comes to income from capital assets. Instead of paying withholding tax on the profits, it is a private sale transaction. However, if there are taxable gains on the sale, then they are subject to the personal tax rate. … Read more

At Pentecost, “Cultural City Uncle LIVE 2022 with design + creation on the Rhine”

Announcement from 29/05/2022 For ten years, Unkel has been officially designated as a “Cultural City on the Rhine”. A visible expression of this dedication is the event “Kulturby Unkel LIVE 2022 – design + gestaltung am rhein”, which can be experienced during the days of Pentecost on the Rhine promenade and in the picturesque old … Read more

“Wller Schnecke”: Children from Dierdorf also learn in the “green” classroom

Announcement from 27/05/2022 Where does our food actually come from? The latest event in the “Wller Schnecke” series was held for girls and boys from Dierdorf on the Ehrenstein family’s Kaiseriche farm. In the “green classroom”, the primary school children learned a lot about agriculture and the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruit. The Dierdorf … Read more