Munich: theater maker René Heinersdorff in a portrait – Munich

Unlike the municipal and state theaters, the private theaters live off the revenue from the box office and have to manage without subsidies. Hardly anyone knows it better than René Heinersdorff, who owns four such stages: in the North Rhine-Westphalia Theater an der Kö in Düsseldorf, the Theater am Dom in Cologne, the Theater im … Read more

The American designer Misha Kahn at Villa Stuck in Munich – Munich

Wow, what is it about a colorful, crazy, fabulously bubbly and at the same time sociopolitically profound world that Misha Kahn kidnaps us into at Villa Stuck? Anyone who, with astonishment, rubbed their eyes over their furniture and objects made of found and transformed material at the design fair in Miami last year, where the … Read more

Munich: Germany’s largest series of crypto art events starts – Munich

They have been around for a few years, but in the early years they did not play a role in art: the non-fungible tokens or NFTs for short. It was only when auction house Christie’s auctioned off the digital work “Everydays. The First 5000 Days” by American digital artist Beeple and accepted a cryptocurrency for … Read more