Security: The Secret Bunker for Crypto Wealth

Jochen Werne, Chief Development Officer and Chief Visionary Officer Prosegur Germany Source: O2 Telefónica / Collage: ASBS WIf you look at the money, it quickly becomes clear that times have changed. In all, about 1.5 billion euros were stolen in the ten biggest bank robberies. According to analytics firm Crystal, cryptocurrencies amounted to about 3.9 … Read more

How retailers and brands can use NFTs for themselves

Benjamin Birker, head of the retail and consumer goods industry at T-Systems MMS T-Systems MMS Benjamin Birker, head of the retail and consumer goods industry at T-Systems MMS T-Systems MMS NFTs can help recharge tags. They provide an opportunity to inspire young target groups, to ensure innovative brand interaction and thus create loyalty. Businesses should … Read more

Should I invest in Bitcoin, Cardano & Co.?

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies have recently been subjected to violent fluctuations. Many investors lost a lot of money in the process. (Photo: Bloomberg) “The crypto market is experiencing its very own year 2000,” writes one reader, drawing a comparison with the dot-com bubble that burst at the time. At the beginning of the millennium, many technology and … Read more

How will cryptoregulation end? | opinions

With cryptocurrency prices plummeting, many are wondering if this is the beginning of the end of the bubble. Possibly not yet. However, the higher alternative costs for money are pushing prices disproportionately down on assets whose primary use is in the future. Ultra-low interest rates favored cryptocurrencies. Young investors are now getting a taste of … Read more

Florian Sondershausen: Invest risk-free in the crypto market

06/03/2022 – 09:33 Florian Sondershausen Koblenz As an expert in cryptocurrencies and CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH, Florian Sondershausen supports its clients in investing in the crypto market through a systematic concept with calculable risk. Find out here how he goes about it, how he takes into account his clients’ personal goals, and why he … Read more

Worthless Bitcoin? Cryptokender Jilch on Lagarde’s claim

Business cryptocurrencies “Unfortunately, the digital euro is another step towards surveillance” From 17:22 | Reading time: 4 minutes “Cryptocurrencies are worthless,” said ECB President Christine Lagarde Source: REUTERS You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In order to display embedded content, your revocable consent to the transmission and processing of personal data is required, … Read more

How Japan’s hauliers want to save their tuning tradition with NFTs

Is it art or just kitsch? In a secluded parking lot 70 kilometers north of Tokyo, it’s hard to say. About 500 truck drivers from all over Japan drove to Ibaraki Prefecture this December Saturday to show off their lovingly tuned trucks. Deco Tora – decorated trucks are called the colorful trucks that emerged 50 … Read more

Financial fraud with Liquidity Mining – Sophos describes the current scam in the crypto hype, Sophos Technology GmbH, press release

“The mechanics of liquidity mining, in its legitimate form, provide the perfect cover for what is fundamentally old-fashioned fraud, rethought for the cryptocurrency age.” Sean Gallagher, senior threat researcher, Sophos Sophos launches today’s article, “Liquidity Mining Scams Add Another Layer to Cryptocurrency Crime,” in a series highlighting how fraudsters exploit the hype surrounding cryptocurrency trading … Read more

Bitcoin: It’s getting easier to get into crypto – small investors should know that

WIf he invested in Bitcoin in 2020, he would probably do a good job. At that time, the cryptocurrency was temporarily worth around 8000 euros. At the end of March 2022, the price was more than 40,000 euros. Stories of such amazing profit opportunities attract investors to the crypto market. They are not only dependent … Read more

Bitcoin & Co .: No tightening of taxes for crypto investors

Bitcoin representation Those who have virtual currencies for at least a year do not have to pay tax on profits. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt There is good news for investors in the midst of the cryptocurrency crash: Investors who use their virtual currency occasionally no longer have to fear tax disadvantages. This may be the case, … Read more