The skin out of control – … because the microbiome is out of balance

Oldenburg (ots) – Contribution: 2:10 minutes Suggestions for moderation: Anyone who has ever been bitten by a mosquito, which happens more often these days, knows this: It itches and itches, even quite unfavorable places, and one wants to scratch all the time. You can go crazy. And now imagine that this itching follows you all … Read more

Why fewer and fewer children in Germany can swim – Panorama

Most ten-year-olds in Germany cannot swim. This is also because learning to swim is degenerating into a science, and the fun of movement falls by the wayside. What does a child really need to learn to swim? If you look around in German families, there are bracelets and countless other swimming aids such as swimming … Read more

More children – less care allowance – finances

The Federal Constitutional Court helps families with many children with long-term care insurance, but not with pension and health insurance. . Contributions to long-term care insurance must be scaled according to the number of children. By 1 August 2023 at the latest, many families with children will pay less than families with few children and … Read more