Securities: Rebalancing: So that the portfolio remains in balance

Every security portfolio at some point loses its desired structure due to price movements. Rebalancing helps investors manage risk. Many small investors who venture onto the trading floor want to worry about their investments as little as possible. Buy-and-hold is the name of the strategy they choose more or less consciously: Buy stocks and leave … Read more

The skin out of control – … because the microbiome is out of balance

Oldenburg (ots) – Contribution: 2:10 minutes Suggestions for moderation: Anyone who has ever been bitten by a mosquito, which happens more often these days, knows this: It itches and itches, even quite unfavorable places, and one wants to scratch all the time. You can go crazy. And now imagine that this itching follows you all … Read more

Ökodorf Rheurdt wants to create a greenhouse gas balance

June 26, 2022 at 18.00 climate protection : Ökodorf Rheurdt wants to create a greenhouse gas balance When it comes to climate protection, Rheurdt municipality wants to lead by example. Photo: dpa / Julian Stratenschulte Rheurdt The Climate Council has made a concrete proposal to put energy consumption and CO2 emissions in relation. What incentives … Read more

Dax rises sharply – Extraordinary ECB meeting inspires markets

Düsseldorf A few hours before the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, the leading German index starts a renewed attempt to recover. Dax rose 1.9 percent in the afternoon and traded at 13,556 points, an increase of over 250 points. But today, Wednesday, there is news that is being received positively in the market. The … Read more