Deferred Rewards: gives down

on Depending on the amount of money deposited in the CRO, members receive one of seven different metal Visa cards. For the first card with the name “Midnight Blue” you get 1 percent bet reward. If you deposit $ 400,000 into your wallet and have it blocked for at least 180 days, you … Read more

Low-tech in design. Good for the climate – ndion

Cooling uses a lot of electricity and generates high CO2 emissions. Young designers have asked themselves how the energy consumption in design can be reduced during production. The result is innovative low-tech solutions. Of hicklvesting. In recent decades, people have been dependent on energy-intensive refrigeration technologies that have boosted the global temperature rise with high … Read more

OpenSea as an art market: NFT – the superstar’s toy

Such a bored monkey can cost a lot of money. It’s hard to imagine what The Monkey King will cost as an NFT.Photo: Mininyx Doodle – The social media app Twitter now supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Meta (Facebook, Instagram) apparently also works on a feature that would allow users to view NFTs on … Read more

Dates for corona vaccination and boosters in SH for children and adults May 5, 2022

Schleswig-Holstein fights the corona virus: Vaccination centers reopen, doctors offer vaccination agreements, and there are also opportunities for boosters. Since December 14, 2021, five- to twelve-year-olds can also be vaccinated against Corona through open family vaccination campaigns. In this article, KN-online shows daily where children, young people and adults in Schleswig-Holstein can be vaccinated against … Read more

Boerse Express – Crypto-lobbyists in the United States are gaining ground at the state level

According to a report by The New York Times in March in the Florida House of Representatives, lawmakers “quickly” approved a bill that would make it easier for residents to trade cryptocurrencies and eliminate “a threat” of legislation that would “curb money laundering.” . “ The lobbyists’ efforts were evident when, as the business reported, … Read more

Integrated flyback converter design for maximum 45W power

flyback converter Integrated flyback converter design for maximum 45W power 05/05/2022 Whether it is inverters, AC servos or household appliances and consumer products, the power semiconductors in the BM2P06xMF-Z series manage without coolers and additional passive components. Everything you need is integrated. Sponsored by The BM2P060MF-Z fly-back ICs provide up to 45 W of output … Read more

Israel criticizes Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Tel Aviv Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Israel has refrained from criticizing Russia and its President Vladimir Putin out of self-interest. Because Russia controls the airspace over Syria and allows the Israeli air force to take unhindered action against Iranian activities in the northern neighbor. To prevent its arch-enemy from being present … Read more