2D NFT game Worldwide Webb explodes

Metaverse is characterized by a three-dimensional world and a particularly immersive gaming experience, where VR glasses are absolutely necessary. But is this really the truth? Blockchainwelt provides an insight into the 2D NFT game Worldwide Webb, which does some things differently and is exploding at the moment. Should Metaverse be 3D? The goal of Metaversum … Read more

Corona in Fulda: Swimming course traffic jam continues

Full newspaper Fulda Created: 5/5/2022 06:27 Of: Andrew Ungerman Parents who wanted to teach their children to swim in the Corona years are suffering. The demand for courses remains high and is building up. There are many reasons why children can not swim. Fulda – Long waiting lists, countless phone attempts and intensive online research … Read more

Morgan Stanley Crypto Strategist Sees “Cycle of Increasing Stability and Popularity” in Cryptocurrencies | 05/02/22

The volatility of cryptocurrencies has made it difficult to use them as a means of payment in daily transactions. Cycle with increasing stability and popularity • Can you pay tax in Bitcoin? • Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for groceries In the Morgan Stanley podcast “Thoughts on the Market”, Sheena Shah, senior crypto strategist … Read more

Bridge to the next generation of Internet and Web 3.0

Most internet users today only know domains as a combination of letters that they enter into their browser. What many do not realize, however, is that domains were meant for much more than just displaying a website, such as sending emails and making payments. So why do the domains not take advantage of these extra … Read more

Continental wins iF Design Awards and Red Dot!

Continental has won three prestigious design awards. The surface specialists from the technology company won over the 132-man expert jury at the iF Design Awards 2022 with both the concept car AMBIENC3 and the small exhibition house ContiHome and won two awards from the design brand. The iF jury assessed more than 11,000 entries from … Read more

PayPal stock: Not as cheap as it looks!

that PayPal-The stock (WKN: A14R7U) is cheap? Yes, possibly. We can look at many different factors to determine this. In addition, the share price is around 67% below the record high. And above all, that the stock comes with favorable ratios. For example, the 2021 price-to-earnings ratio for PayPal stocks is not even 26. This … Read more

Moonbirds: A New Blue Chip NFT?

Since the market boom in 2021, hundreds of NFT projects have been impacted and new ones are added every day. Only a few of these collections – often known as Blue Chip NFTs – have been able to establish themselves over an extended period of time. An illustration of the blue chip debate using Project … Read more

Kita strike: It’s about our children

editorial Kita strike: It’s about our children Updated: 05/05/2022 05:58 | Reading time: 4 minutes Jule Bleyer is deputy head of the Hamburg department. Photo: Roland Magunia / Hamburger Abendblatt Closed day care is annoying for parents. But the striking educators are demanding something important – a future for their profession. = tqbo dmbttµ # … Read more