bitsCrunchs Vijay on NFT verifications and the NFT jungle

If we scroll through Rarible or OpenSea, we encounter a huge number of NFTs. As an NFT investor, you then ask yourself which of these NFTs are actually a good investment. The BitsCrunch team wants to solve this very problem with an NFT verification. BeInCrypto spoke with bitsCrunch CEO Vijay Pravin Maharajan. He was born … Read more

Social worker on child poverty: “Children need role models”

Gelsenkirchen. Many children in NRW are at risk of poverty – especially in Gelsenkirchen. Social worker Erkan Öztürk has a clear requirement for the NRW election Opdi mjfhfo ejf gsjtdi bvghfqvtufufo Mvgucbmmpot vocfsýisu bvg efn Cpefo- Tuýimf tufifo tpshtbn jo fjofs Sfjif voe ejf bvghftufmmuf Mfjoxboe jtu opdi xfjà/ Jn Kvhfoeusfgg ‟Ýdlz” jn Hfmtfoljsdifofs Tubeuufjm … Read more

Criticism of the relationship between Germans and money

saving jars Marcel Fratzscher considers the Swabian housewife’s role model to be wrong and sexist. (Photo: imago images / Kirchner Media) Berlin Marcel Fratzscher is noticeably annoyed, directly annoyed. “The relationship between us Germans and money is marked by fear, shame and guilt,” complains the economist. And he adds: In this country, rescue is being … Read more

Gloomins NFT: Avatars Tailored for Metaverse

Especially the good projects have the courage to go public in times of bad market. That’s why today we present you Gloomins, the 3D full body avatars for Metaverse. “We have some offers planned for our NFT project, I will not tell you too much.” Call of Crypto, whose real name is David, gave us … Read more

Telegram: TON introduces Bitcoin and crypto payment feature

TON enables Telegram users to make crypto payments and buy crypto, Telegram is used by more than half a billion people worldwide. Does the platform have the potential to accelerate crypto-adoption? TON blockchain is about 30,000 times faster than Ethereum blockchain and now offers free crypto transactions on Telegram. Bitcoin payments should also be possible. … Read more

Furniture design: 5 women in design who shaped design – and deserve more recognition

Furniture design: We need more visibility for women * You have probably already sat in it: in the legendary designer armchair “LC2” with the recognizable steel tube details from Le Corbusier. New research, however, revealed that the armchair (and many other pieces of furniture) were not developed by the star architect alone, but along with … Read more

How parents choose their children’s names

WWhy does the well-known SPD politician Kevin Kühnert actually have this first name? Very simple: When he was born in Berlin in 1989, he landed right in the middle of the Kevin trend. The first name became modern at the time for a number of reasons: Actor Kevin Costner appeared in many films at the … Read more

Star investor in crypto: Cathie Wood: The crypto world around Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. threatens the banking system | news

Forex in this article Bitcoin will exceed $ 1 million by 2030 Talent and business migrate to the crypto industry Transformation of financial transactions on blockchain Bitcoin started the revolution for DeFi (decentralized finance) and is also crucial for Web 3.0, she wrote in a post on the public trading app. Wood remains convinced of … Read more

How Star Trek created a design universe

Star Trek was not only future-oriented in terms of content, the series with the spaceship Enterprise already showed a diverse cast, as race legislation was still in force in America. Since the 1960s, Star Trek has demonstrated an ability for forward-looking design visions. Anyone who thinks that the series “Mad Men”, created in New York’s … Read more