PayPal stock: Not as cheap as it looks!

that PayPal-The stock (WKN: A14R7U) is cheap? Yes, possibly. We can look at many different factors to determine this. In addition, the share price is around 67% below the record high. And above all, that the stock comes with favorable ratios. For example, the 2021 price-to-earnings ratio for PayPal stocks is not even 26. This … Read more

Moonbirds: A New Blue Chip NFT?

Since the market boom in 2021, hundreds of NFT projects have been impacted and new ones are added every day. Only a few of these collections – often known as Blue Chip NFTs – have been able to establish themselves over an extended period of time. An illustration of the blue chip debate using Project … Read more

Kita strike: It’s about our children

editorial Kita strike: It’s about our children Updated: 05/05/2022 05:58 | Reading time: 4 minutes Jule Bleyer is deputy head of the Hamburg department. Photo: Roland Magunia / Hamburger Abendblatt Closed day care is annoying for parents. But the striking educators are demanding something important – a future for their profession. = tqbo dmbttµ # … Read more

Dispute between Turkey and Germany, Scholz and Erdogan

The relationship between the two countries seemed to be relaxing recently. But now the Turkish government is accusing Germany of controlling the opposition in the country. Just a few weeks ago, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan swore allegiance to the two countries – now there are new problems. Ankara accuses Germany … Read more

The first internet meme from the 90s becomes NFT

© © 1996 Autodesk, Inc. // Chris Torres 13/04/2022 Barbara Wimmer The small Viennese design office HFA-Studio presents the world-famous Dancing Baby as an NFT. It is among the first internet memeswhich was published in the late 1990s: the dancing baby. This is a 3D animation of a dancing baby in a white diaper taking … Read more

Fashion: climate-friendly wedding dress and sustainable design – style

2022 could be a record year for weddings. In addition to those just about to get married, after two years of the pandemic, there have been a lot of celebrations that one would like to do away with completely or in a larger group. One of the biggest new trends this season is long opera … Read more