Apple scales back goals for self-driving cars

Apple logo in car mirror Apple is setting back its goals for self-driving cars a bit. (Photo: dpa) New York According to a media report, Apple is reducing its goals in the development of self-driving electric cars. The iPhone maker is also postponing the planned market launch of the vehicles to 2026, the Bloomberg agency … Read more

All news and leaks for the upcoming

It seems to be set in stone now: while the iPhone 14 falls short of Apple’s expectations, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Winner of current generation. Understandable, because despite rising prices, almost everyone wants it Pro series innovations reserved. Technology Because the new iPhone is a complete flop: Apple stops production … Read more

The best coins for the new year! | 06.12.22

advertising Do you want to trade with currency? Our guide gives you tips for forex trading. trade currencies Appears approximately every week 20 to 30 new crypto pre-sales on the market. In the pre-sale, the projects not only collect capital from risk-averse investors from the private sector to push further development. A crypto pre-sales is … Read more

NFTs for football fans – Start-up offers digital trading cards

Berlin Literally every child knows sticker albums for the Bundesliga, the World Cup or the European Championship: collect, trade, insert. For publishers like Panini, the business of buying lucky ones in the pack of cards is very lucrative. The startup Sorare brings the stickers into the digital world and offers virtual player cards. There are … Read more

How secure are the wrapped tokens WBTC and WETH?

If you want to use Bitcoin or Ether in the DeFi applications or smart contracts in different blockchains, you need versions of the coins that are compatible with the respective token standard of that blockchain. Such versions are created via the so-called “token wrapping”. Coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum can be exchanged for the … Read more

It is about more than the national team

After the DFB and Oliver Bierhoff parted ways, Donata Hopfen, the next manager in German football, is about to say goodbye – and rightly so. A comment from Qatar. Oliver Bierhoff (left) is no longer in office – but DFB president Bernd Neuendorf (right) and his deputy Hans-Joachim Watzke (2nd from left) still have other … Read more

Schulwerk separates from the teachers at Dillinger Gymnasium

Schulwerk received chat stories and had a conversation with the student with whom the teacher had a relationship. The man is released with immediate effect. An educator abuses the teacher-student relationship. The man has sex with a 17-year-old girl at a primary school. Although the Catholic school work Augsburg knew about the incidents, it hired … Read more