Parameters for the pandemic – why the hospitalization rate is problematic as the only indicator

The frequency of hospitalization indicates how many Covid-19 patients per 100,000 inhabitants admitted to a clinic within a week (image alliance / dpa / Uwe Anspach) The so-called frequency of hospitalization or hospitalization rate must replace the occurrence of new corona infections as the most important variable for corona protection measures – which has been … Read more

Is winter coming to Germany in February?

Winter could not yet assert itself sustainably over Germany this season, and apart from a bit of wintry teasing, there was nothing that could be called winter. What about February – does winter have a chance? Wbetween waiting. There is no better way to summarize the current weather situation. A peak over Germany will shift … Read more

Spain needs Morocco – and makes compromises. – Politics

Just over three years ago, Pedro Sánchez sat in his low, upholstered chair in front of Moroccan King Mohammed VI like a schoolboy, his long legs bent at a steep angle, his hands clenched between his knees. It could not have been more comfortable. But necessary. Because Morocco is not only an important partner for … Read more

Fact check: Is Omikron more contagious to the vaccinated than to the unvaccinated? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

The number of infections with Omikron is rising rapidly in numerous countries – and thus the false claims. Currently, it is often claimed that vaccinated people are more likely to become infected than unvaccinated people. Study data is used for this purpose. We have looked at two concrete examples. RKI admits errors in published data … Read more

Putin and Lukashenko are firmly on one side again – politics

Alexander Lukashenko was reliable. The ruler of Belarus was in Moscow on Friday, bringing a kind of loyalty to his host Vladimir Putin. Lukashenko said the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers were a common response to the West. About 30,000 Russian soldiers are currently on Belarusian territory, and the big question is whether they will withdraw after the … Read more