5 steps to becoming a successful trader

There is a well-known saying, “90 percent of traders lose 90 percent of their account balance.” This is actually true in the trading industry. One wonders if you as a trader can even succeed with these statistics. But this distribution probably applies to most areas of life. However, you can learn to become a successful … Read more

Financial News Hannah Petersohn: Gray capital market: Consumer advocates call for sales ban

Private investors who once invested their money in the wind power operator Prokon, the financial sales company UmweltDirektInvest (UDI) or in the container provider P+R should at least get unanimous support from this news: Consumer advocates demand a ban on the active sales of such products on basis of a current gray capital market report. … Read more

2 still for cheap top stocks

Top stocks still too cheap? To be honest, two names immediately come to mind: PayPal (WKN: A14R7U) and Mercadolibre (WKN: A0MYNP). Both have an ecosystem, an intact business model and leading names, at least in their core markets. Still, stocks just can’t get out of the quark. This can be an opportunity for foolish investors. … Read more

Housing development in A and B cities: mostly fewer permits and …

08.12.2022 – 09:43 by Poll Immobilien GmbH 2 documents 221208_Table translations.pdfPDF – 611KB 221208_VPI_PM_Analys~e_Wohnungen_FIN.pdfPDF – 706KB While the number of completed apartments in eleven of the 21 cities analyzed will decrease in 2021 compared to the previous year, building permits will even decrease in 15 of the 21 locations. While the most apartments between 2017 … Read more

All trees in the Memmingen urban area are occupied

Homepage Bavaria Augsburg and Swabia Kurer Memmingen Created: 08.12.2022, at 08.00 Share Each city tree can be identified and clearly assigned by the attached tree numbers. © V. Weyrauch Memmingen – The work to create Memmingen’s tree register has been completed, the municipality announces in an announcement. “This not only gives us an overall overview … Read more

Almost every fourth German company is looking internationally for new IT specialists

Remote, a company that helps build, manage and support globally distributed teams, has investigated how German companies are dealing with the IT skills crisis. The survey shows that almost one in four companies (23%) has now expanded the search for tech talent globally to overcome the lack of suitable employees in Germany. Almost two thirds … Read more

Basics of using infrared sensors

Non-contact temperature measurement Basics of using infrared sensors 07.12.2022 A guest contribution by Martinus Menne* providers on the subject Temperature is one of the physical variables that is probably measured most frequently in industry, as numerous applications show. The non-contact temperature measurement with infrared technology is of particular importance. The OI12C758 with adjustable emissivity is … Read more

Poll: Do couples and in-laws get along?

Updated: 24/11/2022 – 21:32 Christmas time, family time Poll: How well do couples really get on with their in-laws? Photo: Getty Images / 10,000 Hours Hello, the in-laws are here…! What is the relationship really like between you and your offspring’s partners? How couples think about it. The whole family often gathers around the festival. … Read more