Electric car: How far can you get for your money?

Market observer Jato Dynamics took a closer look at the selection of electric cars and from April 2022 determined the range in relation to the purchase price. According to the evaluation, the range according to the WLTP standard for Battery Electric Vehicle (abbreviated BEV) offered on the German market varies between 129 and 507 kilometers … Read more

Looking for clues with former Beys students

May 4, 2022 at 18.00 Art in Moers : On Joseph Beuy’s 101st birthday Savings Bank Manager Giovanni Malaponti (from left), Angelika Petri (Seewerk) and Eva Marxen (Cultural Office) with the participating artists. Photo: Rüdiger Bechhaus Moers In a self-curated exhibition entitled “Searching for Traces”, former Beuys students at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts … Read more

Börse Express – Passive income despite the crisis mood: It can work with these 3 shares

The nervousness is great. No one knows whether crude oil prices will continue to rise. So it is no wonder that supply stocks have had a roller coaster ride so far this year. We can also see from that Utilities Select Sector ETF (WKN: 989936) from State Street. The three main economic risks arising from … Read more

After Mino Raiola’s death: How will Haaland poker continue?

Updated on 05/04/2022 at 17:30 With the sudden death of star consultant Mino Raiola, the situation in the tug of war over Erling Haaland may have changed. Anything and nothing seems possible at the moment, but this could be a problem for Borussia Dortmund. Carmine Raiola, called Mino, certainly realized some of Erling Haaland’s wishes, … Read more

Why study mechanical engineering or safety technology in Wuppertal? field of view

Against this background is one community initiative of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) Bergischer Bezirksverein and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Technology. For some weeks, students have been treated as so-called study ambassadors sent to the schools to inform the young people there about the two subjects. It is also a key … Read more

Eckhart Nickel: “Spitzweg” – The Hagestolz

Author Eckhart Nickel, born in Frankfurt am Main in 1966, was a member of the pop literary quintet in 1999. In the early 50’s he is back in the top ranks of German-speaking writers. (Wallpaper: imago images / Imaginechina-Tuchong, book cover: Piper Verlag) This “Spitzweg” secures Eckhart Nickel’s prominent place in the image gallery of … Read more