This coin can increase by 54 times in 2023 according to forecasts –

Bitcoin’s price has fallen to around $25,000, and other major cryptocurrencies are also feeling the impact of the crash. However, even with a prolonged bear market, some digital currencies still offer good long-term investment opportunities while also delivering consistent daily gains. A coin that could quietly take off and gain ground is RBISthe original token … Read more

NFTs: The Best NFT Marketplaces for Music!

The uses and applications of NFTs are endless and offer numerous economic and creative opportunities for artists and creatives. Currently, NFTs have permeated many sectors, including the gaming industry, the art industry, and more recently the music industry. NFTs complement the music space perfectly as they reward creative work directly without the help of an … Read more

What is NFT? | webmoritz.

NFTs have been the topic of conversation on every playground and at every coffee machine for the past year. At least I assume so, because even on the World Wide Web you hardly talk about anything else. But what are these NFTs, what do they have to do with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and why are … Read more

Frontal reportage – are NFTs pure scams?

NFTs were the hype in 2021, with users sending at least $44.2 billion worth of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain alone. In the current year the numbers flattened out a bit, despite all this the sales are still several billions. A report just published by the public broadcaster Frontal deals with the question of whether … Read more

What is NFT and how can you get involved from Germany?

Years ago, no one had heard of NFTs. But now they represent a real hype. NTFs are particularly relevant to the art, culture and collectors market. This new trend even allows for huge sums to bet. But what exactly are NFTs? And can people from Germany also benefit and participate? Here’s a brief summary of … Read more

Pearson reviews NFTs for digital textbook resale

Reselling textbooks is common practice for students. Pearson now wants to secure a share of these resales. Pearson, one of the largest textbook publishers, is currently looking for ways to generate increasing revenue from textbooks sold online. To capitalize on second-hand sales, the publisher plans to convert its titles into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By using … Read more