Designer designer luxury beach chair – with unusual details

Mannheim24 Celebrity & Show Created: 03/09/2022, 20:45 Of: Fabienne Schimbeno Share Harald Glööckler designed his own beach chair for the island of Usedom. (Photomontage) © Bodo Marks / dpa / Uwe Anspach / dpa / Montage HEADLINE24 In addition to his television appearances, Harald Glööckler is primarily known as a designer. He has now designed … Read more

The 6 best used online stores for designer bags

You should now buy used designer bags online Buying a used designer bag has never been easier. Whether you are looking to invest in a Hermès “Birkin bag” or a Dior “saddlebag”, there are a number of used online stores where you can find it now. Not only is the purchase of a used or … Read more

All prices for sets of 3rd round

There’s a new sign of life from the BrickLink Designer Program! The European awards for the nine models have been announced, so the third and final crowdfunding round can start soon. It’s been a while since the last news about BDP 2021. The second round of crowdfunding ended in December 2021, and the first sets … Read more

Designer Konrad Grcic: Between the Chairs

Homepage Culture art Created: 18/02/2022Up to date: 20/02/2022, 10:47 Of: Ingeborg Ruthe Share Konstantin Grcic, “New Normals”, 2021. © Florian Böhm In Haus am Waldsee, industrial designer Konrad Grcic shows a balance between form, meaning and purpose that is as excellent as it is subtle. Seating has never amused me so much. And never have … Read more

Extreme diet – the designer has already lost so many kilos

Mannheim24 Celebrity & Show Created: 4/10/2022, 17:44 Of: Peter Kiefer Share Berlin – Harald Glööckler (56) relaxes! At the presentation of his new lifestyle collection, the cult designer talks about punk, hairstyle and man: It’s now almost something in the direction of his second living room – or even his third after his business-related move … Read more

Netflix’s “Inventing Anna”: These 6 designer handbags are her ticket to the high society

Netflix’s “Inventing Anna”: You should invest in these designer bags “Inventing Anna” is already this week’s most talked about Netflix series. The main character Anna Delvey (played by Julia Garner) duped New York’s high society by pretending to be a rich German heir. To maintain her masquerade, however, she did not carry the latest trends, … Read more