Whoppah: used marketplace for design interiors launched in Germany

Friday 27.01.2023 Experienced business founders Evelien Remmelst and Thomas Bunnik founded Whoppa in Utrecht in 2019 and are currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Photo: Whoppa Whoppah, one of Europe’s leading providers of used designer furniture and art, has officially launched in Germany. The fast-growing startup sees the launch in October 2022 as … Read more

Kalkar: Emmericher Designer loves provocative cartoons

calcar. Kalkarer Studio 20.21 shows the exhibition “Cars – Cartoons – Characters” by the cartoonist Marcel Heuveling Derijks. That’s why you should go. Jn =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00tuvejp3132/ef0# ubshfuµ#`cmbol# ujumfµ##?Tuvejp 31/32=0b? ebsg hfmbdiu xfsefo/ Ijfs lboo nbo bcfs bvdi tubvofoe efo Lpqg tdiýuufmo- ýcfssbtdiu tfjo- wjfmmfjdiu fjo cjttdifo fouhfjtufsu- tphbs ojfåfsjud [fjdiofs- Dbsuppojtu- Lbsjlbuvsjtu- Jmmvtusbups voe Eftjhofs … Read more

Gamification in UX design

Encourage app users to interact more Gamification in UX design 27/01/2023 A guest post by Anna Zarudzka * Apps, websites and other digital products are much more popular when they are designed in an appealing way. But what if gamification in UX design specifically helps appeal to users’ sense of fun and competition? If you … Read more

njuuz – MTM process building block system ‘Human Work Design’

At the 171st Safety Science Colloquium at Bergische Universität on February 3, 2023, MTM Academy Director Dr.-Ing. Thomas Finsterbusch and industrial engineer Ralf Graute from Miele & Cie. KG will present the work management process MTM-HWD® and discuss the operational practical application. To MTM process building block system ‘Human Work Design’ (MTM-HWD®) is the result … Read more

The Stabellen 8 alpine board chair updated design

Edelweiss chair collection: Design by Philipp Besteheider for Billiani, prices on request. (Image: PD) stables New interpretations of traditional seating furniture from the last ten years prove that the rustic classic can come without hearts and cutouts. The term table is not necessarily common. But many will be familiar with the chair itself. There are … Read more

Electric cargo bike mocci wins Design & Innovation Award 2023

27/01/2023 / CIP With the Smart Pedal Vehicle, the e-charged bicycle mocci paves the way for a new form of urban and operational mobility and wins the Design & Innovation Award 2023. mocci wins the Design & Innovation Award 2023 with the new, robust and reliable work and charge bike With its Smart Pedal Vehicles … Read more

Monotype Type Trends Report 2023

Type Trends Report 2023 – In a world on the move, Monotype Studio has identified design trends focusing on technology, branding, zeitgeist and inclusion that provide insight into the future of creative work. Monotype Studio presents its annual Type Trends Report, a comprehensive guide that sheds light on typographic design in culture and business. It … Read more