Beginner tips for crypto trading – NOKZEIT

We hold the ball for you, buy us a cup of coffee in return! Although cryptocurrencies have been around since 2009, they have only really gained in importance in recent years. With them, you can pay for more and more products and services on the Internet or make deposits on online gambling portals. Alternatively, cryptocurrencies … Read more

The industry is protesting against European Bitcoin policy

The Crypto Initiative positions itself against the EU regulatory course Representatives of the European crypto industry began writing an open letter to EU politicians last week. On the one hand, the background is the planned European crypto rules MiCA and especially Transfer of funds Regulation that can mean a ban on so-called “unhosted wallets” and … Read more

ECB board member calls cryptocurrencies a dangerous ‘card house’ –

Fabio Panetta, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), in New York, criticized the lack of transparency in cryptocurrency financing and the risks it poses to financial stability. He called cryptocurrencies “speculative assets that could cause great harm to society” and called for faster and stricter regulation. Panetta gave his … Read more

Cryptomarket: Bitcoin falls back to long-term support and Terra Luna stablecoin loses bond to US dollar – Here’s the situation | news

The turmoil in the crypto market is getting wilder. In another hard-hitting move, the Bitcoin price briefly fell below the $ 30,000 mark today. However, during the recovery in the overall market, the cryptocurrency was also able to jump out of the chart’s technical support zone in the range of $ 30-28,000 and settle again. … Read more

Review of Salman Rushdie’s volume of essays “The Language of Truth” – Culture

In Salman Rushdie’s new collection of essays, one dives deep into the cosmos from which this genuine polyglot British author draws his stories: It is the Asian continent, so foreign to Europe, with its traditions based on Hinduism and Buddhism and its wealth of stories. From there, Rushdie builds a bridge to Anglo-Saxon, but also … Read more

Kryptonite for small ball? Why Deandre Ayton has disappointed against Mavs so far

Deandre Ayton is reportedly the kind of big man who should hurt the Dallas Mavericks and their small-ball. But he has not done so recently. Why the man from the Bahamas is still a mystery shortly before his free action. The off-season is traditionally the time of year when assumptions need to be corrected. In … Read more

Armstrong remains bullish: Coinbase CEO convinced a billion people will use crypto within a decade | news

parts in this article Forex in this article • Coinbase CEO Armstrong and ARK CEO Cathie Wood remain cryptocurrencies • Armstrong expects one billion crypto users • Expected significant contribution to GDP At the Milken Institute’s Global Conference 2022, Brian Armstrong, head of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, gave an optimistic view of the development of … Read more

Unstoppable growth of cryptocurrencies: SOFTSWISS shares iGaming Trends 2022

05/09/2022 – 08:01 SOFTSWISS Gzira, Malta, March 12, 2019 / PRNewswire / SOFTSWISS: iGaming Crypto Trends 2022 Over the last 2 years, cryptocurrency revenue has grown significantly in the iGaming industry. The recently released SOFTSWISS company report confirms the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. As a leader in cryptocurrency, SOFTSWISS announces the comparative data for Q1 … Read more

Crypto Highlights April 2022 – Crypto Valley Journal

A monthly review of what is happening in the crypto markets, enriched with institutional research on the most important topics in the industry in collaboration with the Swiss specialist for digital assets, 21Shares AG. The market value of the overall crypto market has fallen by 31% since April and has reached $ 1.48 trillion. USD. … Read more

Utimaco, Crypto Miner and a detection disaster

The German security company Utimaco had a security issue, the effects of which it informed hoist Security. Unknowns managed to place a crypto worker on their website who mined Monero coins on the site’s visitor system. That would not really be news. Because, as Utimaco assured us when we asked, they discovered the smuggled Javascript … Read more