BMF causes cryptoregulation to roll

The Federal Ministry of Finance is removing the ten-year extension of the retention period for cryptocurrencies used for deposits and lending. This was announced yesterday, April 28, 2022, at the first blockchain roundtable in the FDP Parliamentary Group. According to this, cryptocurrencies used for staking or lending can be sold tax-free after one year into … Read more

Crypt exchange: After less than two years: Binance.US leaves Blockchain Association due to different values ​​and goals | news

parts in this article Forex in this article • Binance.US withdraws from the Blockchain Association • Coinbase left two years ago • Binance.US plans to set up its own government affairs office Blockchain Association spokesman confirms Binance.US exit Binance.US is leaving the Blockchain Association, CoinDesk reported in mid-April. A person close to Binance.US stated, “Binance.US … Read more

Financial institutions’ crypto strategies: Bitcoin from Volksbank

Status: 30/04/2022 15:16 Many bank customers are waiting to get cryptocurrencies from their bank. In fact, more and more German banks are expanding their offerings to private investors. A cooperative bank is a pioneer: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG has had its own cryptocurrency offering for a few days. Volksbank offers its 174,000 customers bitcoins … Read more

Cryptocasino: How Dangerous They Are

In particular, the pandemic is causing casinos to increasingly move into the digital space. Google is now spitting out countless crypto-gambling sites, all of which are trying to lure in similar perks: bonuses, free spins and quick deposits and withdrawals without proof of identification. Is this the secret behind fast money? Probably not. No license … Read more

Wikimedia Foundation closes BitPay account

The Wikimedia Foundation, the project behind Wikipedia, is closing its BitPay account and has announced that it will no longer accept cryptocurrency donations based on community feedback. The end of crypto donations was decided because 232 members (71 percent) of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) community voted in favor of a proposal on January 10th. This … Read more

Cryptoactive assets are establishing themselves in Europe

Coinbase, the global crypto platform, publishes Coinbase Crypto Report Europe 2022 H1 (CCRE). CCRE 2022 H1 shows a rather positive mood among private crypto investors in Europe and also illustrates the increasing establishment of the crypto asset market. This increasingly rapid development is reflected in many areas, but especially in the uninterrupted growth of investors … Read more

Emerging market: Promotion in the crypto market: Commerzbank applies for crypto depository license | news

parts in this article Raw materials in this article Forex in this article Commerzbank wants to be the first German bank to have a crypto depository license Many other banks could soon enter the crypto business Huge profit potential is increasingly forcing banks to “completely change course” The traditional German major banks Deutsche Bank and … Read more

A “poison” for the United States? Jack Dorsey and Co. responds to mine allegations

A mudslide is brewing between leading US Democrats and celebrities from the crypto industry – over the controversial mining of cryptocurrencies. Their result could endanger the entire industry. Because no country extracts as much Bitcoin as the United States. It consumes too much energy and torpedoes the fight against climate change, the American Democrats have … Read more

Morgan Stanley Crypto Strategist Sees “Cycle of Increasing Stability and Popularity” in Cryptocurrencies | 05/02/22

The volatility of cryptocurrencies has made it difficult to use them as a means of payment in daily transactions. Cycle with increasing stability and popularity • Can you pay tax in Bitcoin? • Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for groceries In the Morgan Stanley podcast “Thoughts on the Market”, Sheena Shah, senior crypto strategist … Read more