Crypto startups: 3 things VC investors are looking for

Interest in cryptocurrencies has continued to decline this year. Given the hype, VC investors are looking for the best projects for big investments. By 2021, interest in cryptocurrency has exploded. There were a few reasons for the increasing attention from outsiders. News like Bitcoin’s new all-time high or the hype surrounding NFTs was hard to … Read more

One third of UK citizens own crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) is growing in popularity in the UK, increasing cryptocurrency adoption there. More and more Britons are buying cryptocurrencies, according to a Qualtrics survey conducted by Coinbase. The most important thing about this is that 33 percent of the popular owner owns crypto. This is to be compared with 29 percent in October 2021. … Read more

Time to invest in crypto?

Just above, slightly below and back again: For months, the total crypto market value has circulated around the symbolic 2 trillion mark, torn out – and fallen back again. Profit-taking and follow-up purchases are currently not free, the market is in a classic stalemate between the bear and bull camps. With a five percent increase, … Read more

Old rules for new problems?

This article first appeared on the Fin Law Blog. A key driver in the global context of increasing regulation of the crypto market was the concern of many legislators and international institutions that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be used for illegal purposes such as money laundering, terrorist financing and cybercrime if adequate regulation did … Read more

That means the takeover of the crypto space

Elon Musk actually did. That will be about $ 44 billion Tesla– Head of the takeover of the SMS service Twitter pay. That makes the 50-year-old an influential media mogul – after all, the social network currently has 217 million users worldwide. They are ambivalent about Musk’s acquisitions. On the one hand, users are hoping … Read more

Expansion plans: Coinbase likely in talks to take over Turkish cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk | news

parts in this article Forex in this article BtcTurk acquisition plans have not yet been confirmed Turkey as an emerging market Global cryptographic exchange expansion plans After it was recently reported that Coinbase is reaching out to the Brazilian mother of Mercado Bitcoin, a takeover of the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk is now in the … Read more

Bitcoin, exchanges, online contracts – how easy it is to make money on the crypto boom

Although the current use of bitcoin is still limited, investors see the technology behind it as an exciting topic for the future. Blockchain technology in particular is attracting attention in the IT and finance world. Blockchain simply explained The “blockchain” – the German translation of blockchain – is a matter of linked data blocks, through … Read more