Passporting of crypto services to MiCA

This article first appeared on Fin Law Blog. The current regulation of cryptoassets in Germany and Europe is particularly grotesque because it only regulates what has always been an international market at a national level. Cross-border business models must therefore be regularly brought into line with all relevant national regulatory schemes. One of the main … Read more

Top 5 cryptocurrencies of the week

After a brilliant start to 2023, many crypto investors are preparing for the new month. While bitcoin is up nearly 37 percent year-to-date, some altcoin projects have even doubled. Whether these cryptos can maintain the steep northbound trajectory is another question. But one thing is for sure: The informed investor should always have the most … Read more

Crypto News: Top 5 of the week

How is Bitcoin evolving? When will the Ethereum Shanghai update take place? And do FTX customers get their money back anyway? The crypto sector is moving at breakneck speed! We have summarized the most important news so that you can maintain an overview despite the flow of information! The week at a glance: Crypto never … Read more

Chiefs – Bengals tips, forecast and odds

Our Chiefs – Bengals tip for the NFL game on January 30, 2023 is: In the playoffs, it is mostly nuances that decide between victory and defeat. Small details make all the difference, and in this comparison the pendulum swings slightly in the Bengals’ direction. A matchup many are excited about. Two AFC heavyweights meet … Read more

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) now? Investors need to know that

Bitcoin Forecast: Where is the Price Going? For anyone toying with the idea of ​​buying Bitcoin, there have been positive impulses in the past few weeks. In the last few days alone, the Bitcoin price has increased by almost 10 percent, regaining 23,000 US dollars at times. However, in a month-to-month comparison, the cryptocurrency had … Read more

Crypto: Bitcoin vs. Ether – Proof of Work or Proof of Stake?

A sigh of relief from the investors. After the massive price turbulence of the past year, the new year has started very promisingly on the stock markets and also in the crypto sector. The easing of price pressure and the prospect of an imminent end to the cycle of interest rate hikes by central banks … Read more

How dangerous is the situation?

In order for crypto exchanges and other service providers from the Web3 sector to be able to process fiat payments, banks are needed. The problem is that very few banks in the US are willing to do business with the crypto sector. In particular, Silvergate and Signature Bank account for a large part of fiat … Read more

Why the crypto business can no longer be cryptic

Several crypto exchanges have gone bankrupt. What the growing market needs now is transparency and honesty – that’s exactly what crypto pioneer Daniel Herrmann has set out to do. Several crypto exchanges have gone bankrupt. What the growing market needs now is transparency and honesty – Crypto pioneer Daniel Herrmann has made it his mission. … Read more