Cognitive deficits: what sleep deprivation does to children’s brains

cognitive deficits What sleep deprivation does to children’s brains 08/12/2022, 14:05 Lack of sleep leads to numerous ailments. Especially in children, it has several negative effects. A research team in the US finds out what it is – and sounds the alarm. Children who are often sleep deprived in primary school can develop a number … Read more

With these 6 rules you are on the safe side

Stand Up Paddling – SUP for short – is more popular than ever. Of course also with families. But in order to ensure that no accidents happen during sporting fun on the water, there are important rules when it comes to SUP and children that must be observed. We spoke to Klaus-Peter Hentschel from DLRG … Read more

Attendorn swimming pool: closure throws children back

take part Many children do not learn to swim because of the closed teaching pool in Attendorn. An expert is now assessing the deficiencies. Xjf mbohf ebt =tuspoh?Uvso. voe Mfistdixjnncfdlfo Tu/ Fohfmcfsu bn Tuýs{focfsh=0tuspoh? jo =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0lsfjt.pmqf0# ujumfµ#xxx/xq/ef#?Buufoepso =0b?hftdimpttfo cmfjcfo nvtt- jtu bluvfmm opdi ojdiu bctuxxg0 feuf0lsfjt pmqf0buufoepso.mfistdixjnncfdlfo.xfhfo.nbfohfmo.hftdimpttfo.je11471744 iunm# ujumfµ#xxx/xq/ef#?Cfj Sfqbsbuvsbscfjufo xbsfo jo efs wfshbohfofo … Read more

Louise Hütz offers English lessons for children in Mettmann

12 August 2022 at 18.02 Brush up on your English : Learn English with pleasure Louise Hütz studied “European Languages ​​& Institutions” at Leeds University and Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, lives in Mettmann and now teaches English to children. Photo: Louise Hütz Mettmann Children get a feel for language at an early age, develop language … Read more

Nearly 100 children compete for titles in district tennis championships

The best tennis players in each age group at the 2022 District Championship proudly hold their trophies and winner’s certificates for the camera. TSG tennis chairman Andreas Dörner (fourth from left) and game manager Martin Schmid (fifth from left) look forward to seven days of fun in Mantel. Image: Lukas Kraus/exb After two years with … Read more

Ferrero: Recall of children’s products extended

Updated on 04/12/2022 10:03 Ferrero is recalling several “children’s” products. This is caused by salmonella. The affected products can be returned. More consumer topics can be found here Ferrero has extended the recall of “Kids” branded products. The reason for this is a salmonella outbreak in the Belgian plant. In a press release, the confectionery … Read more

Train with professionals: football camp in Spremberg inspired 45 children

A total of 45 children from Spremberg and the surrounding area had the opportunity to play with football greats this week. For example, ex-Energie Cottbus professionals Jens Melzig, Nico Wünschmann and Volkmar Kuhlee sat on the bench as coaches. From Tuesday to Thursday, the coaching team practiced passing, attacking, dribbling, scoring and there were small … Read more

11 important tips for safe bathing fun

As soon as summer temperatures arrive here, many families are drawn to the outdoor pool. Fun and cooling are the opposite of heat, bustle and risk of slipping on a trip to the outdoor pool with children. With these ten tips, a visit to the outdoor pool will be a relaxing experience. The sun’s rays … Read more

Why do we go on vacation?

Mout of the house in the morning, home in the evening. Out of the house in the morning, home in the evening. Out of the house in the morning, home in the evening. Unfortunately, this is how life is for most people. And the apartment gets dirtier and dirtier, so there is cleaning and washing … Read more

Children experience exciting adventures in the zoo

Children experience exciting adventures in the zoo Please disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently activated. To get to the news portal and view content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocking Disable your ad blocker or set an exception rule for this site. or Take out a PUR subscription €2.99 … Read more