Children can report to UKS by telephone in case of abuse

5 May 2022 at 15.49 telephone for child protection : Quick help for children in need In case of abuse, children must have access to a low-threshold service to report. Photo: picture alliance / billedbureau online / Begsteiger / dpa Picture Alliance / billedbureau online / Begsteiger homburg A new telephone box is one of … Read more

There is an urgent need for reinforcements for children’s and youth choirs

Gelsenkirchen. Gelsenkirchen Music School is looking for reinforcements for its children’s and youth choirs. A free tasting is possible on May 6th. The pandemic has also left visible traces in the municipal music school: the children’s choir counted 29 participants in the time before Corona, but currently there are only eight. The youth choir’s cast … Read more

Dates for corona vaccination and boosters in SH for children and adults May 6, 2022

Schleswig-Holstein fights the corona virus: Vaccination centers reopen, doctors offer vaccination agreements, and there are also opportunities for boosters. Since December 14, 2021, five- to twelve-year-olds can also be vaccinated against Corona through open family vaccination campaigns. In this article, KN-online shows daily where children, young people and adults in Schleswig-Holstein can be vaccinated against … Read more

“The children are not asked” (

The foreskin is still attached to this wax model. Photo: dpa / Markus Scholz 40 percent of people with penises worldwide are circumcised. You criticize this practice. Why? Victor Schiering: Actually, you should say it differently: a third of later men get part of their genitals cut off as children without their consent. Coercion is … Read more

Creative paths for “system-breaking” children and young people

/ Jan H. Andersen, Berlin – Experts in the field talk about “high-risk clientele”, although the term “system crash” has meanwhile gained a glorious fame through the 2019 feature film of the same name. “Children and young people do not break the system, the system has no suitable offer for them,” explained Jesko Fuhrken, … Read more

Trial in Berlin: 26 children abused – Twelve years in prison and preventive detention

the city court Children abused: 12 years in prison and preventive detention Updated: 5/5/2022 11:02 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes A figure of the blind Justitia. Photo: dpa The man had abused 26 little boys as a child friend or babysitter. For years, parents did not suspect anything. Berlin. The youngest victim was only … Read more

Children from the Agnes van Brakel school in Helenabrunn show “Jim Button” in the circus tent

May 5, 2022 at 14.01 Agnes van Brakel School in Helenabrunn : Children show “Jim Button” in the tent The primary school Agnes-van-Brakel in Viersen-Helenabrunn performs “Jim Button” in a circus tent in front of the school. Photo: Agnes from Brakel Primary School Viersen When the gym of the Agnes van Brakel school burned down, … Read more

“1000 for 1000” in Hamminkeln: Participation project for children and young people

9.35: long break at Hamminkeln primary school. Several students gather around placed partitions, mark their favorite places and share their opinions on what they like or dislike about Hamminkeln. With this kick-off campaign, “1000 for 1000” started today, an initiative that the Klausenhof Academy is implementing together with the youth work team and Hamminkeln town.“1000 … Read more

Hohnstein: Ulbersdorf: Everything ready for the kids

Ulbersdorf: Everything is ready for the kids ASB slots kindergarten was renovated for over half a million euros. From the very beginning, however, there was a threat. The team of educators is ready for the Ulbersdorf children, leader: Zsuzsa Gregus (right) and the educators Grit Thomas (left), educator with higher education in curative education, Kathrin … Read more