Child benefit savings: With 237 euros a month, you can turn your children into millionaires

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Empower children and change the education system: Do more experience-based teaching in schools!

DORTMUND. Experiential education stands for action- and experience-oriented learning and for an intensive and lasting effect on the development of children and young people. Experiential learning programs are offered, especially on school trips, because students gain valuable social and emotional experiences. The Bundesverband Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik eV wants to anchor experience-based education even more firmly … Read more

Children and the elderly should not freeze

Homepage The city of Giessen Created: 14/10/2022, 11:30 Of: Benjamin Lemper It is not possible: At least in administration and offices, the temperature should be lowered. Symbol photo: dpa © Ed The city of Gießen, Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Caritas and the evangelical deanery want to save energy. At least in sensitive areas, there is no need to … Read more

Where the children sing with the adults

Homepage local Göttingen Göttingen Created: 14/10/2022 at 10:29 am Of: Ute Lawrence Share Rehearsals for the new choir: Bianca Rehm practices with the children. © Ute Lawrenz Several generations sing together in a new choir in Spanbeck. They get their first appearance in the winter forest in Bovender. Spanbeck – The association “Gemeinsam für Spanbeck” … Read more

Autumn holidays in Iserlohn: How children escape boredom

Iserlohn. The Children and Youth Office in Iserlohn has put together a holiday programme. It happened in Jörn Rau’s Grünholz workshop. Mbohfxfjmf jo efo Gfsjfo@ Xfoo ft ejftft Qiåopnfo hfcfo tpmmuf- ibcfo ejftf Ljoefs ebwpo efgjojujw opdi ojdiut hfi÷su/ Efoo jo efs Hfjfs I÷imf jo =tuspoh/ /ef#?Jtfsmpio=0b?=0tuspoh? upcu tjdi tfju efo =tuspoh?=b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/jl{.pomjof/ .pomjof/ .pomjof/ef0tubfeuf0jtfsmpio0b? … Read more

Leisure advice for children and young people

clothes. The autumn holidays in Lower Saxony start soon – so schoolchildren have about two weeks off. Plenty of time to do something in Garbsen and the surrounding area. We have collected some tips. Read more after the ad Read more after the ad Intercultural girls’ festival on 15 October On the occasion of International … Read more

Beam GmbH donates 2,000 euros to sick children

Robert and Marion Wiedemann (both on the right in the picture) hand over the donation to Bunter Kreis Memmingen. Photo: colorful circle The manufacturer of steam extraction systems from Altenstadt an der Iller has presented a donation of 2,000 euros to the colorful district of Memmingen. There is a personal desire behind it. beam GmbH … Read more

Run five minutes straight? Many children can no longer

Meal. Active, sporty children are happier, healthier children. But more and more young people move too little. About causes and consequences. 71 Njovufo- fjof Tuvoef ovs- tpmmufo tjdi Ljoefs voe Kvhfoemjdif qsp Ubh njoeftufot cfxfhfo/ Tbhu ejf Xfmuhftvoeifjutcfi÷sef XIP — voe mjfhu ebnfu ebnju ebnfhvo” Fjfobnju ebnju” Efvutdif Fyqfsufo xpmmfo Ljoefshbsupoljoefs 291 voe Tdivmlq tfotujoefs/ … Read more