Dates for corona vaccination and boosters in SH for children and adults May 6, 2022

Schleswig-Holstein fights the corona virus: Vaccination centers reopen, doctors offer vaccination agreements, and there are also opportunities for boosters. Since December 14, 2021, five- to twelve-year-olds can also be vaccinated against Corona through open family vaccination campaigns. In this article, KN-online shows daily where children, young people and adults in Schleswig-Holstein can be vaccinated against … Read more

BMF causes cryptoregulation to roll

The Federal Ministry of Finance is removing the ten-year extension of the retention period for cryptocurrencies used for deposits and lending. This was announced yesterday, April 28, 2022, at the first blockchain roundtable in the FDP Parliamentary Group. According to this, cryptocurrencies used for staking or lending can be sold tax-free after one year into … Read more

Search for individual and social identity

Bundeskunsthalle © Raimond Spekking (via Wikimedia Commons), CC BY-SA 4.0, Link The Federal Republic’s art collection should reflect current developments in the visual arts. From Saturday, the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn will present new acquisitions from the past five years, a time of political and social change. Of Claudia Rometsch Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 18.30|last … Read more

Non-fungible tokens: NFT not only shakes the art market

NFTs differ from other blockchain tokens primarily in that they cannot be replaced or replaced with identical tokens.Photo: Sashkin – London auction house Christie’s is always good for a sensation. That was also the case when artist Beeple (real name: Mike Winkelmann) redeemed more than $ 69 million with his artwork The First 5000 … Read more

“The children are not asked” (

The foreskin is still attached to this wax model. Photo: dpa / Markus Scholz 40 percent of people with penises worldwide are circumcised. You criticize this practice. Why? Victor Schiering: Actually, you should say it differently: a third of later men get part of their genitals cut off as children without their consent. Coercion is … Read more

Crypt exchange: After less than two years: Binance.US leaves Blockchain Association due to different values ​​and goals | news

parts in this article Forex in this article • Binance.US withdraws from the Blockchain Association • Coinbase left two years ago • Binance.US plans to set up its own government affairs office Blockchain Association spokesman confirms Binance.US exit Binance.US is leaving the Blockchain Association, CoinDesk reported in mid-April. A person close to Binance.US stated, “Binance.US … Read more

Natural Doze relies on Studio Oeding for sustainability and design

27/04/2022 – 08:35 STUDIO OEDING GMBH Hamburg, 27 April 2022. For the market access strategy for Natural Doze, innovative dietary supplements in the form of vegan soft drops, international designer Katrin Oeding developed the company’s design and a sustainable packaging design with her Design Solution Manufactory. Natural Doze’s vegan Soft Drops support a healthy lifestyle … Read more

Quality has its price – despite rising inflation with first-class companies

Shares in quality companies tend to be quite highly valued. In return, they offer investors high protection against inflation. “Invest in quality” – it sounds like an obvious investment strategy. But what characterizes such values? And where can you find them? advertising When choosing stocks, many investors focus on common metrics such as price-to-earnings ratios … Read more

What is an NFT domain?

Anyone who wants to build their own website needs a domain. Therefore, we introduce you to NFT domains, the new generation of domains, and show you how to register one yourself. Anyone who has previously registered a domain chooses a provider and at the same time agrees that all website data is stored centrally on … Read more