USA: Senator Warren pushes for stricter regulation of crypto

US anti-crypto stanceSenator Elizabeth Warren probably won’t be seen by most in the room. The FTX collapse has given her renewed momentum to intensify her calls for tighter regulation. But what does this mean for the crypto industry? As news outlet Semafor reported on December 7, the Democratic senator probed a number of crypto-specific issues. … Read more

Security and regulations of the crypto market

The global cryptocurrency market is not called the Wild West for nothing. A lack of regulatory framework opens many loopholes for black sheep and poses a risk to investors. What then happens can be seen in the case of FTX. It is all the more important to find a reputable and trustworthy partner for trading … Read more

Almost every fourth German company is looking internationally for new IT specialists

Remote, a company that helps build, manage and support globally distributed teams, has investigated how German companies are dealing with the IT skills crisis. The survey shows that almost one in four companies (23%) has now expanded the search for tech talent globally to overcome the lack of suitable employees in Germany. Almost two thirds … Read more

How designers and purchasing managers can plan for bottlenecks

If the designer takes accessibility into account from the beginning of his design (design for accessibility, DFA), long lead times or costs for a redesign with alternative components can be avoided. If the necessary parts cannot be obtained, the designer must inevitably fall back on alternatives. If this is considered from the start, the developer … Read more

IMPT Price Prediction: Only Four Days To Pre-Sale For This $15M Coin – Exchange Listings Confirmed | 07.12.22

advertising Do you want to trade with currency? Our guide gives you tips for forex trading. trade currencies Those responsible at were able to raise $15 million for the green coin, which wants to use blockchain technology to disrupt emissions trading and establish ESG-compliant online shopping. Investors can currently buy cheap IMPT tokens for … Read more

NFTs and the ecological footprint

Blockchain technology has not only brought cryptocurrencies with it as a digital novelty, but has also revolutionized digital art along the way. With the so-called “Non-Fungible Token” (NFT), a new form of virtual property title has emerged for real and digital collectibles. NFTs are popular among investors and art enthusiasts, but processing the transactions requires … Read more

Basics of using infrared sensors

Non-contact temperature measurement Basics of using infrared sensors 07.12.2022 A guest contribution by Martinus Menne* providers on the subject Temperature is one of the physical variables that is probably measured most frequently in industry, as numerous applications show. The non-contact temperature measurement with infrared technology is of particular importance. The OI12C758 with adjustable emissivity is … Read more

Five9 improves omnichannel customer engagement with innovations in digital self-service, AI design and analytics

San Ramon, California and Munich, Germany – Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of intelligent cloud contact centers, today announced new capabilities that help companies deliver engaging and unified customer journeys across digital and voice channels and bridge the gap between virtual and live agents. These features include rich media for digital and voice … Read more