Many children in Herne are overweight or obese

herne Many Herner children are overweight when they start school. This is the result of the current health report. Which is also noticeable. Jo Ifsof tjoe wjfmf Ljoefs {v ejdl/ Ebt jtu ebt Fshfcojt eft Hftvoeifjutcfsjdiut eft Hftvoeifjutbnuft- efs kfu{u jn Tdivmbvttdivtt wpshftufmmu xpsefo jtu/ Jn Sbinfo efs hftfu{mjdi wpshftdisjfcfo Tdivmfjohbohtvoufstvdivoh xfsefo bmmf Ljoefs vn … Read more

These are the best summer fertilizers

What grass fertilizer should you use in the summer? With such an organic fertilizer Organic lawn fertilizer from Plantura and the organic lawn fertilizer from Substral Nature, you will not go wrong even in summer. When choosing the right lawn fertilizer in the summer months, pay special attention to a low nitrogen content, as it … Read more

Children make audio files about children’s rights

Read for free until 14.30 Listening to children’s rights: Students from Duderstadt upload audio files online What rights do children have? Since Wednesday morning, the residents of Duderstadt have received information about this directly on their mobile phones – recorded by children from Duderstadt. They present the results of a teaching project on a partition … Read more

Queen Máxima inspires in a glamorous designer dress

Queen Maxima With this look, she exudes royal glamor © GEORG HOCHMUTH / Getty Images Today’s royal looks in the GALA ticker: Queen Máxima is addicted to royal glamor +++ Queen Máxima amazes with super high heels +++ Princess Elisabeth completes her solo appearance in Ghent in an elegant blazer dress. Exciting look of the … Read more

Optimization for a better mobile eCommerce design

What is a good mobile conversion rate? According to the Monetate eCommerce Report 2020, the average conversion rate in eCommerce is 1-3%. Here is a small breakdown of the conversion rate by unit: Desktop: 1.98% Mobile: 1.81% tablets: 2.92% This means that most visitors to your website will not make a purchase. However, this is … Read more

Children decide playground plans in Gerderath

June 29, 2022 at 12.00 Children decide in Gerderath : With green dots for the playground Erkelenz city youth worker Katharina Lüke discusses with children what the new playground in Gerderath should look like. Photo: Armin Jackels Gerderath When it comes to designing a playground like the one in Gerderath, the city of Erkelenz lets … Read more

PwC survey: More and more traditional hedge funds are investing in cryptocurrencies

Vienna (OTS) – Crypto on the way: About 1/3 of traditional hedge funds are now investing in digital assets Median cryptocurrencies returned +63.4% in 2021 Bitcoin (BTC) tops traded crypto hedge funds followed by Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) Regulatory and fiscal uncertainty as the biggest barrier to investment Despite volatility, more and more traditional … Read more

Leuner children should no longer quarrel

Leuner children should no longer quarrel Please disable your ad blocking Your ad block is currently enabled. To get to the news portal and see content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocking Disable your ad blocking or set an exception rule for this site. or Sign up for a PUR subscription € … Read more