Casual and chic must-haves to shop now!

50 is a great age and one of the best times for women like you to start experimenting with different clothing styles. Don’t let your age stop you from dressing well and looking good. There are many recognizable looks from previous seasons this year, as well as other garments that were popular in the 1980s … Read more

Passporting of crypto services to MiCA

This article first appeared on Fin Law Blog. The current regulation of cryptoassets in Germany and Europe is particularly grotesque because it only regulates what has always been an international market at a national level. Cross-border business models must therefore be regularly brought into line with all relevant national regulatory schemes. One of the main … Read more

Former design chief warns against self-deception at VW – Economy & Volkswagen – News

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Co-op space game delights players with cute design

IN “Astronauts“ you build a base on a strange planet and explore the universe. The game is delighting the players on Steam and has 91% positive reviews. This weekend the game is halved and costs €14. Astroneer is a base building game with space exploration elements. You are in the 25th century and are sent … Read more

Top 5 cryptocurrencies of the week

After a brilliant start to 2023, many crypto investors are preparing for the new month. While bitcoin is up nearly 37 percent year-to-date, some altcoin projects have even doubled. Whether these cryptos can maintain the steep northbound trajectory is another question. But one thing is for sure: The informed investor should always have the most … Read more