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Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum has already achieved a lot this year. The Ether lane has seen an increase of around 35% since the turn of the year. The price this year has developed in the same way as Bitcoin, which has twice the market capitalization of Ethereum, but an important obstacle has not yet been removed, which Bitcoin has already left behind.

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Talk about breaking the November high before the FTX crash. While litecoin was one of the first major coins to overcome this resistance long ago, bitcoin also managed to rise above the November 2022 levels in the last week’s trading. Numerous other coins are far below that. Ethereum is currently on the verge of breaking the resistance. This would require a move to $1,700. Most recently, the price was rejected at this resistance just below the USD 1,700 barrier and has since moved in a range between USD 1,600 and USD 1,650.

If the breakout to the upside succeeds, it would be a strong bullish signal and several other buyers are likely to come in, meaning the price could immediately tackle the next hurdle around $1,800 without further stops. Here, the price was last rejected in September 2022 in a bearish fashion. If the climb back to $1,800 succeeds, the path to the psychologically valuable $2,000 mark would be clear. The bulls’ attempt to regain the upper hand was beaten back here last year, and after rising from around $1,000 in July 2022 to around $2,000 in August 2022, a 100% price rally was finally ended here. Whether that will be the case again this year remains to be seen.

Different crypto sectors recover at different rates

Although Bitcoin usually sets the tone for the entire crypto market, the leading digital currency acts only as a guide and not as a top performer. The market value is now too high for that. While Ethereum and Bitcoin have performed strongly this year by 35-40%, pulling most other coins up with them, there are different areas of recovery at different rates. Binance (BNB), TrustWallet (TWT) and other coins from the DeFi sector already surged last November when FTX crashed as numerous users switched to these platforms.

These areas are performing best at the moment

Coins related to Metaverse are currently celebrating a strong comeback, leaving behind Bitcoin and Co. far behind in terms of returns. But these are not the only winners. The Move 2 Earn and Play 2 Earn sector has also risen extremely strongly in the past 3 weeks. Stepn (GMT), Axie Infinity (AXS), Decentraland (MANA) or The Sandbox (SAND) – they all have in common that they have already more than doubled in value this year. This means a considerable return of sometimes far more than 100% if you have invested in these areas at the turn of the year. There are currently also exciting pre-sales in all 3 categories, which could do significantly better than the established coins in the respective areas.

Move 2 Earn: Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out is a project that sports enthusiasts should enjoy and could help non-exercisers motivate themselves to exercise more. Not like before with steps for which you get coins, but with your own avatar NFT that you go through the Fight Out Metaverse and that benefits from the progress made in training.

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The hype surrounding Pokemon Go has recently shown that people are willing to go to great lengths for virtual progress in reality. Fight Out could thus trigger the next megatrend and motivate countless people to exercise more. This makes FGHT a coin that can go through the roof once launched. The FGHT token is currently still available in the presale. From April 2023, the coin must be listed on the first stock exchanges and can settle a price increase here.

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Game 2 Earn: Calvaria – Duels of Eternity (RIA)

Calvaria – Duels of Eternity is an NFT trading card game where you can earn the RIA token in Play 2 Earn mode. This is still available for pre-sale for 7 days according to the countdown on the Calvaria website. However, 96% of the 150 million tokens have already been sold, which means that the presale is likely to end earlier. What gives RIA the potential to increase enormously in price this year is, among other things, the high interest that has already arisen for the coin in the pre-sale.

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The fact that Calvaria – Duels of Eternity can be played on mobile, on the PC, in Play 2 Earn mode and in a free version also speaks strongly for the game and thus for a high RIA pitch. The gameplay looks sophisticated and unlike previous Play 2 Earn games can also have many users who are not only here for the coin earning. This makes RIA a coin that will be with us for a long time to come and can provide very high returns to its investors.

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Metaverse: RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra creates a metaverse – similar to The Sandbox. Users can explore and develop 7 continents with their robot NFTs, meet friends or participate in events. The possibilities are endless. The potential that such a metaverse brings with it also seems to be endless. You have seen this in recent years, when stars and companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to be present in the virtual universes.

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This makes the TARO token, which is currently in presale, another coin that could explode later this year. The big advantage for investors who are still in the pre-sale now is that a price increase from 0.020 USDT to 0.025 USDT will be enforced soon, which means that those who have already bought in before can enjoy a guaranteed booked profit of 25 %.

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