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Given the recent upswing in the crypto markets, the question of a quick one arises current Illuvium price forecast for today. Finally, there are the stock markets with their current strong influence on cryptocurrencies between the repeatedly tested vertical resistance and the main moving averages. Due to the importance of the current levels there may be both massive price increases and sell-offs can be the result. Which of the two scenarios is more likely and how much can it currently affect the Illuvium price forecastshould the following article bring you closer.

What is Illuvium (ILV)

became illuvium already started in 2017 and is billed as the first AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain. It is run by a team of more than 150 employees. Meanwhile, Illuvium has had a development time of 6 years, with which they the average development time of 3 to 5 years has already been exceeded would However, the first results are already visible, and they first versions of various interlocking P2E games is already playable. A special advantage lies in Free F2P versionthen one low access threshold for new users outside the crypto community offered. Then you can no rewards earned will.

The vision for the project is Delivering high quality Web3 games with captivating entertainment value instead of P2E games that feel like monotonous side jobs just looking for quick wins. Instead is one sustainable business model with a focus on the user being built. That DAO by Illuvium ensure, that negative Changing the perception of NFTs at companies like Rockstar Games, Valve, Microsoft and Mojang Studios.

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How Illuvium has evolved recently – from Illuvium Arena and Overworld to zero

Illuvium first released the Arena and Overworld games. Now it’s underway January 6th Illuvium’s Alpha: Zero started which one City building strategy game and allows users to build and manage their own colony. Illuvium Zero was developed with Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain of ImmutableX.

In the game, users can generate income from their NFTsas through it Mining and selling fuel on the marketplace. This one will turn repair shards, travel to other worlds, and craft weapons and armor.

In addition, they can Land units also scanned for Illuvials to be generate biodata. These can then be examined in more detail NFT drawings to get what turn for making new hides or trading Can be used.

So far, Illuvium Zero can be used by 6,929 holders of the 20,000 NFT land units. If you are interested, these can be obtained via DEX of Illuvium called Illuvidex or at next land sale be acquired. that lowest price is currently 0.40 ETHwhat current which is equivalent to €564.79 corresponds to. However, it should be made available to the public in 2023.

It is also played next to the computer also usable with mobile devices is. The private alpha is divided into Season 0, which lasts 6 to 8 weeks and Season 1 is running through Open Beta. However, they will Data is reset after each season.

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Illuvium analysis for up-to-date price forecasting

At the moment, the financial markets are still in one Bear market with further downside potential. There has been a sharp correction recently, but it is what it is probably just a bear market rally. Still, some investors are hoping for one FED soft landing because of fall in inflation through the previous raising of liquidity. However, they have Financial conditions eased by the rise in the stock marketsSaw it The FED’s efforts in this regard became. So it should rather a hawkish stance by the central bank expected.

But because of very restrictive attitude of the ECB and Overweight the Euro in the US Dollar Index that continue the current weakness in the dollar and give the euro a boost. On the other hand, should the stock markets panic, the USD is considered a safe haven despite its questionable position. A stronger euro, on the other hand, can keep the stock markets going a little longer. However, he is Dollar right at an important resistancewhereupon also one counter movement possible is, which in turn would be reflected in falling stocks and cryptocurrencies.

In addition, some expect one due to liquidity withdrawals and inflation Earnings recession in the reporting season that has just started. This may again increase in the short term Corrections in the financial markets to lead. About this many other indicators such as the inversion of the yield curve does not signal the end of the bear market either.

Illuvium, on the other hand, can get through constant additions after its long development time finally show respectable results and release more games within a short period of time. Although these are still in the testing phase, they should soon publicly available. This should then rotate increasing demand and consequently Illuvium’s price.

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Illuvium Price Prediction

Illuvium ILV Price Prediction Chart Analysis

Illuvium’s course has since tested bottom in the $38.29 range rose along with the crypto and stock markets from January 6. Included true this one The time frame is also perfectly aligned with the release of Illuvium: Zero. In this context, the course from $37.76 up to $66.24 around increased over 75%.

However, a sustained rally is unlikely due to the bear market. Instead is rather with Expect further sell-offs in the $38.29 range. The important ones are at the bottom Resistances at 58.06, in the 54.33-54.92 range and at $48.35. If instead an uptrend develops, will next resistance at $60.11, $65.49 and $67.93. Especially one a sustained break of $65.49 should result in stronger gains.

The investors in Coinmarketcap count until Corrected to $46.13 at the end of January and one Recovery for February at $59.52.

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Potential for crypto games like Illuvium

After there was a trend in F2P games before, i In the future, P2E (Play-to-Earn) functions will spread more and more over the gaming market. The crypto games combine the attractive growth market for games with elements from the promising gambling market.

That alone Gaming was worth $198.40 billion in 2021 and should know to rise to $339.95 billion by 2027. In this context, it scores a annual growth of 8.94% between 2022 and 2027.

On the other hand, there is much greater potential in the niche of play-to-earn games. Her The market size is currently 3 billion US dollars and is expected to increase to $39.5 billion by 2025. According to DappRadar, there already is 398 active blockchain gameswhich is 92% higher than last year.

a significant more attractive investment idea could be the Meta Masters Guild. Because it has specializes in browser and mobile games and therefore could of a particularly promising and high-growth niche advantage. Because unlike other games, mobile games have a growth of 7.3% must be registered, and according to Statista they should reach one by 2025 Penetration rate of 28.5% come. As a gaming platform can too much faster and cheaper a larger number of games published by the team and other game studios. It is thus a more diversified investments. Due to the greater number of games, it is also easier to greater demand and thus higher prices achieved than with coins from individual games.

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