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With less than 4% of tokens and a $100,000 shortfall in equity, the pre-sale of the innovative NFT trading card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is poised to sell out early. In fact, the pre-sale is planned for six days. If momentum picks up, as it typically does at the end of a limited presale, all RIA tokens could be sold out by January 31st. The leading large exchange BKEX will already carry out the IEO at the beginning of February – with a daily trading volume of over $1 billion, those responsible at Calvaria were able to secure massive liquidity for the start of public trading.

With the upcoming listing on the first CEX, investors have only reasonable time to secure the gaming token RIA at $0.0325. About 3.2 million RIA tokens are still available at this price.


The NFT trading card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity reinterprets a familiar concept from crypto gaming and aims to create sustainable growth with various unique selling points. So the chances are not bad that with hype potential, Calvaria will be one of the most successful blockchain games of the year. The availability of a free-to-play variant for smartphones aims to increase acceptance – the mass market for games finally seems to be available for a crypto game.

Already at an early stage of development, those responsible completed a KYC verification with Coinsniper and had the contract code for RIA audited by SolidProof.

To Calvary

Calvaria (RIA): Gaming token with versatile utility

Designed as a utility and governance token, the native gaming cryptocurrency RIA is used in a variety of ways in the ecosystem. On the one hand, RIA tokens are used for rewards and can be understood as a kind of passive income through regular, successful play. On the other hand, the token also assumes a governance function, so that RIA holders are given the right to vote in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to influence its further development. Calvaria will remain in the hands of the community in the future. Anyone who invests in RIA at an early stage not only gets a gaming token with potential, but can also proactively influence an emerging ecosystem.

Calvaria: The crypto game for the mass market

The developers behind the NFT game pursue an ambitious vision. They want to push the adoption of blockchain games with a free smartphone version. Because there was a significant challenge to existing P2E games – for example, Axie Infinity. Despite GameFi’s gigantic potential, sustained player growth was often lacking. Especially in comparison with games for the mass market, gigantic potentials are untapped. By going with two different versions, they want to get crypto enthusiasts and new players excited about Calvaria.

As a starting point, both versions will be identical – however, there is no reward mechanism for the smartphone version. So, if you want to make money with games, sooner or later you will have to switch to the crypto space.

Calvary Presale

In order to create sustainable growth, new assets and game modes must be continuously added to Calvaria. The goal is to increase players’ interest in order not to suffer the same fate as Axie Infinity. From $2.8 million in early 2022, the number of monthly players in what is probably the most well-known P2E game has shrunk to around 400,000 currently.

The $100,000 giveaway is still available for a few days

Early investors can also enter a raffle where $100,000 of RIA tokens will be given away to one lucky investor. For this, you can perform various tasks in the social networks – depending on the activity, there are staggered places in the draw.

Last Chance: Buy Cheap RIA Tokens Now

The RIA is still available for pre-sale for a few days. With a capital raising of nearly $3 million, sufficient capital has been secured to drive the development of Calvaria forward. With only 4% tokens left, the presale should end soon. Anyone who is convinced of the concept can now invest in Calvaria and speculate on an above-average price development after the IEO in early February.

Buy RIA now in pre-sale

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